Saturday, December 28, 2019

Enforced Entry

Another new release for 2019 that I didn't hear about until the last month of the year. People are talking about their favorites for the year, and somewhere along the way the name Enforced came up. I'd never heard of the band, but on the recommendation of Doug, I figured that I'd check them out before we closed out the year.

This Enforced record is a tough one to categorize...kind of like the Power Trip album from a couple years ago, as it feels like a bunch of kids from a hardcore background playing metal...and this shit immediately grabbed me by the throat. The riffs are fast and furious and the songs are ugly...a perfect soundtrack when you are sick and tired of dealing with everyone's bullshit. I immediately set out on a mission to grab the record before 2019 was in the rearview mirror.

This transparent orange vinyl is limited to 100, and I was surprised to find that War Records still had some available in their store.

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