Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's All Our Youngblood And REACT!

Seems like December was my month for REACT! Records, as I added a bunch of vinyl from the label to my collection. Before I get into it, I just want to mention that this is my last post for 2009, and note that this was a big year for the blog. Last year I had a total of 58 posts, and for 2009 I effectively doubled my postings with a total of 116. Right on.
Once again, REACT! teams up with another record label. This time around, Aram splits things with Youngblood Records for the vinyl release of of the Carry On compilation It's All Our Blood. Originally released on CD from Youngblood, this compiles all Carry On recordings outside of their A Life Less Plagued LP.

Each label had an exclusive pressing of colored vinyl. Red vinyl was limited to 250 pressed through REACT!. Another quality project from Aram, complete with a new screened mailer, plus special insert with an essay about responsibility, written by Spencer Gooch of Last Priest. Once again the REACT! crew show that this is more than music.

Youngblood released the white vinyl pressing for this...again limited to 250.

There were 1,000 pressed on black vinyl. I don't think that REACT! has ever pressed that much black vinyl for a release. This is truly a classic.

I love pictures of records.

When I placed my order with REACT! for the Carry On album, I also picked up the second pressing of the Mindset R E A L P O W E R 7 inch. Black vinyl with the red labels, and limited to 850. One more step closer to completing my Mindset collection.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boston Hardcore

Kingpin probably are not the band that most people think of when you are talking about Boston Hardcore, but back in 1991 when I was starting to break into the Boston scene, these guys played just about every show that I went to. I remember one of the first real hardcore shows that I went to was Sick of it All and Vision at Bunratty's, with Kingpin opening up for them. These kids just had so much energy, and people were going nuts for them...stagediving left and right. It was amazing, and probably one of those defining moments in my life...where I started to leave Metal behind and focus solely on Hardcore. Soon after that show they opened up for Killing Time at a small club behind The Channel, and Al Quint was selling the Kingpin 7 inch from the back of his car. I grabbed a copy from him on black vinyl.

One of the coolest things about collecting records is finding out about pressings that you had no idea existed. Up until this year, I thought that the black vinyl was the only pressing that existed for the Kingpin 7 inch. I was excited to find out that this record was pressed on gold, and I grabbed a copy from Robb Woods. Shortly after I posted about it, Marcus let me know that it was also pressed on red vinyl. Recently I was finally able to complete the Kingpin trilogy and buy a copy of the red vinyl from Al Barkley.
First press is 200 on red and 800 on black vinyl. Second press is 500 on gold.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Was So Wasted

Municipal Waste's new album continues to fuck you up. They continue with their devastating brand of Thrash, but this time their sound seems have a bit more of a punk/hardcore flavor. Damn, this album is so good. I was thinking that Earache only released the vinyl pressing on black vinyl and picture disk, but I just did a quick eBay search and found that they also did purple, white, red, green and clear colored vinyl. There were 1,000 pressed on black, but each color was limited to 100. It seems that all the colored vinyl is sold out, so I'll probably be settling with only the black pressing.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Post-eBay Sale From React

Shortly after I bought the last set of records from Aram, he put up a bunch of stuff on eBay. Since it was well publicized, I figured that stuff was going to go for insane prices and I stayed away from placing any bids. A few weeks later, Aram was still unloading records, posting a list on the React messageboard with set prices. This time around, I filled a few more holes in my React collection.

I was also missing the ON and Gone But Not Forgotten custom REACT! cardboard mailers. I asked Aram if he had any leftover, I would appreciate if he could include them. Nice.

First thing that I grabbed was the Right Idea 12" on white vinyl. Limited to 300.

When I received my original Right Idea order from REACT!, I was lucky enough to receive one of the few transition presses, with the "Right Idea" stamp on the dust sleeve. As cool as it was to have one in my collection, and because I'm slightly mental, I still needed the regular white vinyl pressing.

Man, I love Mindset, so I was pretty happy to pick up a couple pieces of vinyl for the second pressing of their R E A L P O W E R 7 inch. Both of them are on clear vinyl, but for some reason, the pressing plant used the black and white labels from the first press on 30 of them. The remainder of the 150 pressed on clear vinyl have the red and black labels.

Yeah, Mindset are pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to the new 7 inch in 2010.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pre-eBay Sale From React

It's about time that I got these records posted. I friggin' received them back at the beginning of November, and then they got buried in the stack of new vinyl. Bear with me, this is going to be a long post.

When I got my REACT! order for the new ON album, I was surprised to see that Marcus got a copy of the LP on blue vinyl. It is limited to 150 and I was pretty disappointed that I didn't get one. So disappointed in fact, that I let it be know in the comments for his post. That night, I got home from work and had an email from Aram waiting in my inbox. He had a copy that he was willing to part with, and said that if there was any other REACT! stuff that I was missing, then to just make an offer and he'd see if he could hook me up.

When Aram first told me that he had the blue vinyl for the ON LP available, I fired an offer to him. I was so excited to have the opportunity to get this pressing that my offer was a "little" high, and being the gentleman that he is, Aram countered my offer with a lower dollar amount. The blue vinyl pressing for this looks amazing next to the record cover.

I had seen some pictures that people had posted on the REACT! messageboard of the Gone But Not Forgotten 7 inch with an alternate cover. I asked Aram about it, and he said that they were copies for the band, and limited to 100. Word. I'll take one.

The next one that I was fucking stoked to pick up, was the Mindset 7 inch with the record release cover. I love the look of this cover.

The labels on side A and B are hand stamped

Number 6 of 78. 6 7

Speaking of Mindset, I took the opportunity to catch them in Boston a couple weeks ago. They were playing with Alert, Police & Thieves and Rival Mob...just a great line up. Leading up to the show, I couldn't find anyone to make the drive down with me. New England's first snow storm was in the forecast, and I almost just bailed on it and stayed at home. In addition to the great bands playing, the main thing that pushed me to get out and go to this show was that it was an opportunity to finally meet, face to face, some guys that I've met either through this blog, or through I met up with Adam, and his brother-in-law, and hung out with them throughout the whole show. I finally met up with Keith from Alert, and talked with him Alert's singer, Mike. I also got to say hi to Carlos from Police & Thieves. In addition to all the cool people that I met, Sweet Pete was there and I got to hang with him for a while too...we got talking about the old Boston bands that were around when we first met at shows...bands like Kingpin, Said & Done, Endless, and Third Degree. The show itself was great. Alert played a couple of new songs that sounded really good, Police & Thieves were pretty tight and did a great Chain of Strength cover (see picture above), but Mindset just killed it. After seeing this band live, you can't help but have a greater appreciation for how good they are. Awesome gig. Awesome night.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Paint It Blood

There is no doubt about it, Slayer rule my Metal world. I loved their last album, Christ Illusion, and I was eagerly anticipating the release of World Painted Blood. Several tracks were leaked online prior to the release date, but I avoided them. I wanted to experience the album as a whole, and not bits and pieces streamed through some shitty youtube video. The day that it was released, I rushed out to Newbury Comics and picked up the deluxe CD version of the album. It was a disappointing experience, in that the one that I bought had two copies of the bonus DVD and no CD. I returned it to find that every deluxe version that Newbury's had, contained two DVD's and no CD. Since I needed this album, I took an extra drive over to Bull Moose and finally bought a complete deluxe version from them. The first listen, I was a bit underwhelmed. It was good, but not the thrashfest that I was hoping for. By the second or third listen, it started to suck me in. Songs like Psychopathy Red, Unit 731, Hate Worldwide, Snuff, and the title track, are amazing. I can hear influences from Reign in Blood and Seasons in the Abyss throughout the album.
Last week, I finally had the cash to pick up the album on vinyl. Great looking packaging with the gatefold cover, and the slick looking record sleeve. One of the best Metal albums of 2009.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting A Piece

The last piece of free vinyl from Words Of War Records, that came with my Iron Boots records through the eBay win. Seriously, how cool is this label to send me so much free stuff. I'm assuming they do the same with their other eBay auctions, and it's not just me. This time around they included a free copy of the Masterpiece 7 inch on black vinyl (limited to 151). The cover for this record gives off a heavy "Outbreak vibe", and the lyrics take that kind of direction, this record reminds me more of the mid-90's band on Indecision and New Age Records, Collateral Damage. Cool shit.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Built From Nothing

Free records are cool. When I received the Iron Boots package from the guy that runs Words Of War Records, he decided to throw a couple of extra records in the box. One of them was the grey vinyl pressing of the Built To Last 7 to 286. The funny thing is that when I won a Champion 7 inch from the guy a few months back, he had thrown in an extra copy of Built To Last on black vinyl. Pretty cool hardcore band, and the two songs here are solid. Now if anyone has a yellow vinyl copy of this record, or one with the preorder cover, that you want to send me for free, I'd be happy to accept them and complete this collection.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Die With Your Boots On

What I knew about Iron Boots would fit on the head of a pin. I knew they had a couple of songs on the Revelation comp a few years ago, and I knew that while Marcus wasn't really collecting them, he had still managed to acquire quite a few pressings of their records. I had downloaded the Iron Boots demo a couple years ago, but I had never managed to get around to listening to it. After seeing Marcus post another version of their demo on his record collecting blog back in September, I figured that it was time that I finally check them out. I listened to those demo songs, and I was blown away. Wow, I didn't know they were this good! While their style is a complete rip of Warzone, I don't really care...this shit is awesome.

I hopped on to eBay and happened to find the guy from Words of War Records selling a group of three Iron Boots records. I'm not sure why people sell groups of records. If you've got one of them, are you really going to bid on the whole set? Since I didn't have any, it looked like a good place to start.
Weight Of The World 7 inch on Boredom Kills Records. Black vinyl, and I believe this is limited to 900.

From what I've read, it sounds like the demo was pressed on vinyl from a couple different record labels. The two that I got are from Damaged Records. Unlike the other pressing that I received, this one has a bigger version of the record cover printed on the flipside of the lyric sheet.

Pressed on orange vinyl for pre-orders, and indicated as such by the cloud and rainbow stamp.

The second copy that I got was on green vinyl for Posi Numbers. The other side of this lyric sheet is blank.

Number 62 of 100 pressed.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

United In Pain

This may be the most pictures that I've uploaded for a single post, but damn, I really wanted to try and capture how nice these records look. There was a bit of an uproar when B9 first put up the pre-orders for their reissue of the classic Agnostic Front records, Victim in Pain and United Blood. Prior to their release Chris Wrenn had commented on the Livewire messageboard that he was going to stay true to the original artwork for these. When the pre-orders went up, some hardcore purists were upset that the plan had changed and new designs for the cover were used. I'm not concerned that the covers differ from the original Rat Cage pressing, I just wish that the Victim in Pain LP didn't have the exact same design as the United Blood 7 inch.

Three colors that I don't know the pressing info for. The gold vinyl is sold out in the B9 store, so I'm guessing that is the limited color.

Cool gatefold cover, complete with the lyrics printed on the inside.

While the record cover has a new design, Bridge Nine included the original artwork on the dust sleeve. When I first bought Victim In Pain back in the late 80's, I got the Combat re-issue with the black cover (and on cassette too, I might add), and it wasn't until a few years ago that I discovered that the album was originally released on Rat Cage with the concentration camp photo.

Just like Victim in Pain, United Blood was also pressed on the gold, red and black vinyl. It also includes the original artwork on the dust sleeve, plus it has an insert.

And finally here is the the entire order. Nice job, Bridge Nine.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Flame Still Burns

When I started this blog almost four years ago, I would have never imagined that it would have lasted this long. At the time, I was starting to get completely obsessed with record collecting, and so I started this up to help occupy my time with my new found love. Much to my surprise this little record collecting blog has attracted a fair bit of attention (over 25,000 hits on my stat counter to date). Years have passed and I have seen some other bloggers come and go, new friends have been made, and lots of money has been spent on new vinyl. At times, I've updated this blog once a week, and other times I've had enough new records coming in that I've had to update it every other day just to keep up. 2009 has been a huge year for me in regards to new vinyl, as my post count has already stomped previous years into the ground. So here we are with my 300th post. So for those of you that stop by and join me in this obsession, thanks. This flame will keep on burning strong, and I will continue to sing this song.
For my landmark 300th post, I knew that it had to be for a classic record. I recently acquired Youth of Today's We're Not In This Alone, and I figured that it was perfect for this post. I've been looking to pick up this record for years, but have continually passed it by for something more limited. When a poster on the Livewire messageboard listed some items with a set price, I finally took the leap and bought a copy. One of the best hardcore albums EVER. I originally owned this on cassette, that I bought in Boston around 1990, and then finally picked it up on CD when Revelation remastered the Youth of Today stuff back in 1997. I've never really looked to be a Youth of Today completist, but it always feels good to add one of their records to my collection.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Face Reality

Here is another new band that I decided to check out after someone posted about them on the REACT! messageboard. Hoods up and X'd up fists, what is there not to like about this one? You definitely know what to expect with this...straight ahead youth crew hardcore. No metal riffs. No emo. Damn right. This was pressed on Dead End Records, and when I checked their site today to try and find some pressing info, the site was pretty empty. Hell, the webstore doesn't even have any records in stock! Has the label closed up shop already? I'm glad I picked this up when I did.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Amor Y Guerra De Un Amigo

A few month ago, Carlos from Police & Thieves sent me a message, looking for my email address. Apparently he has been reading the blog (Hi Carlos!), and in addition to sharing some kind words, he also wanted to let me know that they had some record release pressings of the Amor Y Guerra 7 inch available on their myspace page. I knew that I wanted one, but having already put myself in the red for the month with other record purchases, I put off buying it.
Then last week, I got a message from Marcus on Facebook, asking for my address again. He was buying a record for himself, and since it was only $7.00, he figured that he would buy one for me as well. Wait a minute, wasn't that Police & Thieves record release going for $7.00? The package arrived in the mail this past week, and confirmed that was what Marcus had bought. Such a nice gesture. Thank you Marcus.
The colorful Aztec design on the record release cover looks fantastic. I'm a sucker for cover variations, and this one is just a lot of fun. Plus this one comes with a different lyric sheet, and although it isn't shown in the picture, it comes hand stamped with P&T on the back.

Limited to 75, mine is number 22. Damn, I'm going to have to get off my ass at some point and try to find the other Youngblood pressings that I slept on when the record was originally released. Such a great record.

Friday, November 20, 2009

On A Mission

I believe that I've mentioned in a previous post, I used to download a ton of music. Over the years I've amassed over 800 burned CDs in my music collection. It didn't bother me that the band would never get paid from my download of their album, because for the most part, the stuff I was downloading was music that I probably wasn't going to buy anyway. Typically this consisted only of Metal and Hip Hop, but occasionally I would download some hardcore bands to check them out and then just never get around to picking them up. Well, in the past 5 years or so, my thinking started to change. I noticed that I had really fallen back in love with Metal and I started actively searching out vinyl or CD to replace those burned copies. On the other hand, most of the Hip Hop that I had acquired had really gotten stale and boring to my ears, and I just started dumping some of it. I noticed the other day that I had some hardcore albums from the past few years that I still had on a CDR, and I needed to purchase them. I headed to REV.HQ and picked up CDs from Risky Business and Hour of the Wolf, but for Capital, I wanted it on vinyl.
Homefront is such an amazing album. I can't believe that it has taken me this long to finally pick up a copy (gold vinyl is limited to 332). I used to love Silent Majority, and since Capital has the same singer, the comparisons are obvious. Silent Majority songs have this fantastic story telling quality, and that carries over to Capital as well. With On A Mission, the singer tell us of heading out with some friends 17 years ago, and discovering the The Way It Is LP at some record store, and about how life changing it was. It will strike a familiar chord with many of us "older" guys, and it just captures the moment perfectly.

Revelation also had Capital's newest 7 inch, Blind Faith, so I picked up a copy of that as well (red vinyl is limited to 300). Man, this band continues to amaze me. Two new songs, plus a Dag Nasty cover.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Need To Keep Trying

I can't stay on track. I try to focus on collecting vinyl for one band, but a week later I've got my eye on something different. Commitment issues. I've been wanting to work on my Fastbreak collection for a while now, and back in July I finally picked up a black vinyl copy of the Don't Stop Trying 7 inch with the green lettering on the cover. I didn't give up on them after than and stuck with it, winning the gold vinyl pressing on eBay back in August. I love the colored vinyl on this pressing. I've read that this could be the second press and limited to 100. Sounds good to me, and seemed like a steal at $6.00. Seriously, I love Fastbreak...everything from the Youth Pride demo, up through the Whenever You're Ready LP on Revelation. The band was so good and was one of the few that managed to successfully transition from straight up Youth Crew hardcore to a more poppy/melodic style. Well it has been 3 months since I've bought this, and I have stopped looking for Fastbreak vinyl on eBay, so I guess that I've moved on to the next bright and shiny object that has caught my eye. I hope that I can get my focus back to this band soon because they deserve it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Deluxe and Limited Pressings

Nick Mango recently contacted me about a new feature that he was working on called hoverboard. Hoverboard is basically a messageboard for blogs on his site. He was looking to feature some blogs that he personally reads all the time or are popular, and he wanted to know if I would be interested in having The One Thing That Still Holds True participate. I thought that it sounded like a cool idea, and he is doing some cool new things with, so I figured what the hell, and jumped aboard. The funny thing is that Nick mentioned that so far the only people that he had contributing were Straight Edge dudes, like myself, Marcus from Endless Quest, and Justin from Stuck In The Past, and he was hoping to get some possible non-edge guys in there as well. So with that, and a hacking cough from Sweet Leaf, I'll bring a decidedly non-edge post with Black Sabbath's Master Of Reality.
I finally picked up the deluxe vinyl pressing of Sabbath's classic Master Of Reality. As far as I know, only the first three Black Sabbath albums are being released in this double LP deluxe format, so if that is the case, this is the last one that I needed. The pricing on these records have been pretty erratic. The self titled first album was $20, Paranoid was $30, and finally Master Of Reality was $25. Strange. It's not like the Paranoid album contains any extra packaging than the first Sabbath album. Either way, Master Of Reality is a monster of a record, and with the bonus outtakes and alternate versions included on this pressing, this is a must for the Sabbath completist.

I know that I've previously stated that Paranoid was my favorite Sabbath album, but from looking at my complete vinyl collection, I would have to say that Masters Of Reality is the clear winner.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Step On It

Sometimes I'm pretty slow. I hear of great new bands, but I put off checking them out until I'm forced to do so...and then I end up wishing that I hadn't waited so long. I remember hearing about Step Forward a couple of years ago. Boston Straight Edge featuring DFJ from Mental. Yet each time I would see their 10 Song EP for sale in one of the online distros, I continually passed it by...until it was sold out. I downloaded these tracks on Soulseek about a year ago, and even then, I still didn't really listen to them. When I saw that the band was playing the Edge Day show this year with Have Heart, I figured that it was about time that I start to listen to this. Damn. This is so good, and I listened to it repeatedly prior to the show. I was hoping that the band would have the 7 inch for sale, but no luck, as it appears to be out of print. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I started searching eBay. I was happy to win a copy for only $11. 418 were pressed on black for the first press on Painkiller Records, and then they did a second press of 350, also on black vinyl. I have no idea which pressing this on is, nor do I think that it really matters.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Devoid Of Faith

Most people with any knowledge of Hardcore history, have probably already heard all of the early Dischord catalog. Not me. For some reason, up until recently, my collection went from Minor Threat straight into the Revolution Summer bands like Embrace, Fugazi, and Soul Side. I completely missed the early harD.C.ore years. Over the past year, I've really started digging in to the Dischord early years and finding those classic bands that I've been missing out on. The newest discovery for me is the Faith/Void split LP. Dischord recently reissued this on colored vinyl, so I figured that it was a good time to check it out. Great stuff, and I can see why a band like In My Eyes would cover their song What's Wrong With Me. Classic.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Remission Impossible

The React Records messageboard has introduced me to some cool new hardcore bands. It is a great place for an old guy like myself to keep in touch with what is going on, and which new bands are blowing up. One of the more recent finds was Remission from Chile. The band name was obviously lifted from the One Step Ahead 7 inch of the same name, because the band really has that kind of melodic style nailed down. If you don't know who One Step Ahead are, they totally coped the Verbal Assault sound in the early 90' you can say that Remission have a sound similar to both of those bands. Seriously, if you told me that this was originally released in 1991, I would believe it. Great stuff. Pick this up from Amendment Records. Purple vinyl is limited to 100 pressed.