Monday, January 30, 2017

Violence At Midnight

I fell in love with Midnight when Sandwell introduced me to their Satanic Royalty album 5 years ago. Their blend of Venom/Motorhead inspired Metal hooked me quick, and while nothing has had the same impact that their first album did, I still rush to buy anything they release.

If anything, Midnight stay consistent. You know exactly what you are going to get with them, and Shox Of Violence continues that full on Metal assault. With songs like Who Gives A Fuck? and Groin Gripper, you know that Midnight are still as rough and nasty as ever.

Oddly enough, the CD version of this EP contains 25 tracks...the four included on this EP, plus a bunch of covers and compilation tracks. Probably not something that I'll pick up, but I'm intrigued to hear their Girlschool and Quiet Riot covers.

I love the look of the splatter vinyl with the cover images.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Department Of Youth Services

Let me just say that the new year has been extremely lucrative for my record collecting game. January started off with a big win with the Accused LP, and has just continued to rain nothing but gold in the weeks that followed that score. Record release and tour pressings, new discoveries of old bands, and a nice slab of pink vinyl have caused 2017 to come roaring out of the gate.

Seriously, the eleven remaining months in 2017 were going to struggle to keep up with how great January was...and now that we are throwing an XClaim pressing in the mix...February through December might as well pack it in and go home. There isn't any way to top this month now.

When you are just starting to get serious about record collecting, you resign yourself to the fact that there are some classic records that you are probably just never going to be able to get your hands on. Some records, no matter how great they are, just seem out of your reach.

For me that impossibility seemed to be an XClaim collection. I thought that I'd be able to pick up a few of them here and there, but the harsh reality was that some of these are serious business in the collecting game. They ain't going to come cheap.

I surprised myself by picking up Get It Away a few years ago (Holy shit, that was six years ago!), but at the time I'd figured that I'd picked up the one and only XClaim record that I could actually afford.

Collecting the Black Sabbath UK Vertigo pressings really opened my mind to the possibility of knocking off some of those big time Hardcore players. If I could get things done with Sabbath, maybe things weren't so bleak for some of those other records that I thought were out of my reach. I keep a list of my Top Ten Wants for the year in the sidebar of this blog, and last year I grew a pair, and added the DYS 'Brotherhood' album to it. I didn't really expect to make a move on it, but I wanted it there as constant reminder to keep my sights set on bigger and better things.

I don't have many notifications set with eBay, but one of them is to alert me when there is a new auction for the Brotherhood album from DYS. I've had this set for years, but I've never acted on fact, most times I just delete the alert without checking the auction. This month, however, when I saw the email alert, I decided to at least look at it. Of course the auction had a high starting bid amount, so the only people that were going to be interested were bound to be serious buyers...and in the end it was just me and one other guy slugging it out for the chance at this one. I was flying high on some other recent wins, and was feeling invincible, so I went "all in", determined to finally own a copy of this classic.

When buying Xclaim records, the insert is a must. If it doesn't include one, keep walking.

About four years know, back when buying 17 copies of the same record gave me fits of excitement, I picked up the latest colored vinyl reissue that TAANG! did for the Brotherhood record. I was afraid that by buying the reissue it was going to somehow smother the flame of desire to own the original XClaim pressing, so I refused to play it...refused to blog about it...refused to officially add it to my collection. It was just a ghost. Now that I've got the original pressing, I can open Capone's vault and finally acknowledge the existence of the Brotherhood LP on red vinyl. It might pale in comparison to the original, but that vinyl sure looks good.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

S.O.A. D.E.M.O.

While I was picking up the new pressing for the Red Hare 7 inch, it was recommended that I grab the new colored vinyl for the S.O.A. demo as well. Since I'm sometimes easily influenced, and have an inexplicable aversion to buying a single record when purchasing from an online store, I took the bait.

I'm generally not interested in multiple recordings of the same if a band's demo songs end up on their first album, I'm generally not going to spend much time with that demo. Over the past few years, Dischord has released a number of old demos on vinyl, and I've ignored them all. If I hadn't been in their webstore for the Red Hare record, I probably would have passed by the S.O.A. demo as well. On a whim, and because I wanted to beef up my cart, I grabbed a copy.

This S.O.A. demo is damn good. Great packaging, and killer songs. I'm glad I picked this up, and while the yellow vinyl probably looks best with the cover, now I'm kind of interested in the red and blue vinyl pressings of this. It also peaks my interest to possibly check out the string of Dischord demos that I've ignored to this point.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Gold Hare

The bad thing about social media is that you get to see the shitty politics of your friends and family, as they use it as a platform to spew their veiled racism and bullshit. Then you have the awesomeness of moments when someone posts a picture of a record that you didn't know existed because sometimes you just can't keep up with everything in the record collecting universe.

When Nico from Do Not Consider Yourself Free posted a picture to Instagram of the gold vinyl pressing of the newest Red Hare 7 inch I was like "Wait. What? Where did this come from?".

While I'm definitely cutting back on needless multiple copies of a lot of new records, Red Hare makes the cut and I didn't hesitate to order the second pressing. Come on, that second full length album can't come soon enough.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Make America Hate Again

Donald Trump was inaugurated as the President Of The United States. It is still unbelievable, and I can't wrap my head around how this happened. I've spent most of the day listening to early 80's Hardcore and trying to restrain myself from just flooding social media with a barrage of middle fingers. When the mailman delivered a new record to my door, it was the small bright spot in a dark and dismal day. When I opened the package, it couldn't have been anymore fitting.

A few days ago, I was bouncing around on Discogs, and I can't remember how I got there, but I stumbled upon the new 7 inch for Dead Ending, and quickly checked out the video for Ivanka Wants Her Orange Back. Being a huge fan of Articles Of Faith, I loved it as soon as I heard Vic Bondi snarling behind the microphone. Great, biting Hardcore Punk. Fuck Trump forever.

I swung by the Alternative Tentacles site, and it looked like there was a limited amount that were pressed on blue vinyl...and they were sold out. This problem was quickly resolved as a Discogs seller had a copy for sale. 100 pressed on blue vinyl, so I was happy to get my hands on this one.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Toxic Yellow Boombox

When I grabbed the new Angel Du$t record last year, I fully expected it to only get a few spins, and then collect dust on the shelf. I never thought that it would slowly climb my Best Of 2016 list and land in the top ten.

Seriously, this thing is catchy as fuck. For a couple of weeks, it was the first thing that I'd queue up for my drive into work. Great way to start the day.

Chris over at Unwavering Spirit ended up with a few copies of the new record with the tour cover when he caught them live recently, and instead of being douchy and flipping them to make money, he offered it to like-mined record nerds like myself. While I wasn't going to get caught up in chasing multiple pressings of this record, I couldn't turn away from the opportunity to grab this special tour cover. Unlike the Turnstile record release, this cover looks pretty damn cool.

Interestingly enough, the copy that Chris kept for himself and posted was on blue vinyl, and numbered out of 100. The copy that he sent me was a part of the second pressing on yellow, and numbered out of 200.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I Need That Super Motion

Back when I picked up the newest Turnstile 7 inch, I mentioned that one copy was enough for me. I was done pouring money into the Turnstile record collecting machine. I got in, grabbed a copy for myself, and got out. It was easy for me to say at the time, since I didn't expect to get the offer to pick up a special record release cover.

Turnstile seem to have a consistent theme of terrible looking record covers, and the one that was designed for their record release show is no exception. Man, that thing is is so ugly, that I kind of wanted a copy.

I obviously wasn't going to be making it to Turnstile's record release show, but thankfully, Chris over at Unwavering Spirit saved the day and hooked me up.

So even though I was content with my yellow vinyl pressing, I'm kind of happy to have another color with this one on purple. Record release cover limited to 125 and hand numbered.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Days Of The Pink Owl

There are some records that a reissue just won't cut it. Anything else just feels like a pale imitation. It's got to be the real deal.

Eric Ozenne's previous bands, Unit Pride and Redemption '87, were solid gold, and he didn't disappoint with The Nerve Agents. In the early 2000's, The Nerve Agents were one of my favorites...hell, they are probably my favorite Eric O band ever. Since I was late to the record collecting game, I missed out on the original pressing for their albums on REV.

I grabbed the Record Store Day pressing that REV did for Days Of The White Owl back in 2013 because it was convenient. I knew that the original pressing on pink was the way to go, but the reissue was just too easy, so I grabbed it. It was just a place holder to get the vinyl on the shelf.

At the end of 2016, my self control slipped a little, and I found myself unable to stop from clicking "Add To Cart" on Discogs with no regard for anything or anyone. "Okay, I need to calm down on my record spending...oh shit, it would be great to own this one...hey, there is a US seller that has one available...fuck, I've bought another one.". No regrets on buying this pink vinyl copy of Days Of The White Owl though, because that shit looks great.

Good look with the pink and white. 338 pressed on pink, and 774 pressed on white. Now I'm just missing the blue vinyl. If REV promises not to follow up with five more pressings, I might have to get that one as well.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Souls Of Gold

As I was wrapping up 2016, I was putting some thought to my Top 10 list, and was spinning all the new releases from the past year. As I was working my way through all those new albums, I found myself really enjoying the latest Bouncing Souls record, Simplicity.

Listening to that new album got me thinking about how thin my Bouncing Souls record collection was. Well, not that I'm really looking to collect them, per say, but I'd still like to have their full album discography on my record shelves.

Band is so much fun to listen to, so I jumped over to their Discogs page to have a look at all their records, and just have a casual glace at what was available in the marketplace. Five minutes later, my lack of self control struck again, and I'd bought a copy of their self titled album from '97.

I was tempted to buy the original first pressing which was only on black vinyl, but when I saw how great the gold vinyl pressing looked, I couldn't resist. Second pressing from 2014, and limited to 500.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Never Surrender

I always kind of lumped Man Will Surrender in with those "too cool for Hardcore" Doghouse rock bands. I ignored them back in the mid-90's, as I had no interest in that weak ass style. Well, as time goes on, sometimes you find your stance relax a little, and you open your eyes up to those bands that you fought against back when you were young and more closed minded.

When I was neck deep into my 1996 obsession, I saw that Man Will Surrender had released an EP on Equal Vision that year. I was feeling adventurous, so I loaded up to the songs to check them out. They kind of blew in and out...initially not leaving much of an impression. Still, I stuck with it, giving the songs an occasional spin here and there. I found that with repeated listens, I started to enjoy it more an more, and before too long, I knew that I was going to need the vinyl.

There was a copy on blue vinyl available through Discogs for a while, and I had my eye on it. A copy had never sold on Discogs, so I figured that I might be able to wait it out, and see if a cheaper copy would come along there or on eBay. My resolve lasted about a month before I broke down. I just wanted the record, damn it, and with my need for instant gratification, I could only be expected to wait so long. Price be damned, I was buying it.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

This Year's Savior

When I was a kid, one of the first distros that I would order from regularly was the Toxic Shock/Westworld mailorder. Through some awesome cosmic power of the universe, one of the Toxic Shock catalogs ended up in our hands. As a couple of kids stuck in Maine, it felt like we didn't have many options when it came to buying music...if it wasn't at the mall, we were out of luck. This catalog was like a gift from a punk god. We would pour over each catalog that we received, reading the entry and description for each album, and using a highlighter to mark the ones that sounded interesting. Man, I wish that I still had some of those old catalogs.

A lot of those bands on Toxic Shock Records just seemed odd. Since I absolutely loved the record from Th' Inbred, I was always interested to check out other releases on the Toxic Shock roster...but they seemed so strange, that I never took the chance on them. Almost 30 years later, and with big thanks to the internet, I'm finally checking out some of those records that I never quite had the stones to gamble my hard earned money on back in the late 80's.

I can't remember what caused the name Jesus Chrysler to pop into my head recently, but soon I was hunting down youtube videos, interested to finally hear them after all these years. I found a few and as soon as I heard Kick It Down, I was sold. It had a quirky catchy punk rock sound that hooked me instantly. I couldn't stop singing the chorus, so I figured that it was a good sign to just grab the whole album.

Such a great, fun record out of '88.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Subcore Splatterhead

Five years ago, Sandwell posted about a vinyl reissue that he picked up for the Return Of Martha Splatterhead LP. I'd owned the Combat cassette for this as a kid, but to be honest, with the tape buried in the back of my closet for the past 20+ years, I'd completely forgotten all about the band. Seeing Sandwell's post was the spark. I quickly downloaded the album, and then proceeded to obsess about it for the next year and a half.

This album blew me was raw, frantic, and packed with a ton of attitude...and I loved it ten times more now than when I first heard it in the late 80's. I couldn't believe how much I liked it, and I knew I needed to get my hands on a vinyl copy.

Return Of Martha Splatterhead has seen a number of different pressings over the years, and three different versions of cover art. While Sandwell's reissue looked pretty cool, I convinced myself that only an original Subcore Records pressing would satisfy me...partly because until I'd started researching the history of this record, I'd never seen the artwork used for the first pressing. The original art just seemed to fit the album the best...and while I like the artwork used on the Combat Records reissue, it just seems too slick for the rough and crude sound contained within.

As fate would have it, here we are, five years to the day of seeing Sandwell's post, and I've finally added a Subcore pressing to the collection.