Monday, January 30, 2017

Violence At Midnight

I fell in love with Midnight when Sandwell introduced me to their Satanic Royalty album 5 years ago. Their blend of Venom/Motorhead inspired Metal hooked me quick, and while nothing has had the same impact that their first album did, I still rush to buy anything they release.

If anything, Midnight stay consistent. You know exactly what you are going to get with them, and Shox Of Violence continues that full on Metal assault. With songs like Who Gives A Fuck? and Groin Gripper, you know that Midnight are still as rough and nasty as ever.

Oddly enough, the CD version of this EP contains 25 tracks...the four included on this EP, plus a bunch of covers and compilation tracks. Probably not something that I'll pick up, but I'm intrigued to hear their Girlschool and Quiet Riot covers.

I love the look of the splatter vinyl with the cover images.

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