Thursday, May 28, 2009

Keepin' It Real

To tell you the truth, I can't even remember where I heard about this Keep It Clear record. How many records have I ordered lately that I can't even remember where I got turned on to picking up this 7 inch? Another point of confusion was that it wasn't until writing this post that I realized that this is wasn't the band that appeared on the Generations comp from Revelation...that band was actually Keep It Up. Both bands are from Canada, so hopefully you can understand my confusion. Either way, Keep It Clear play some pretty ripping hardcore. Holy shit, this band came from out of nowhere and really blew me away. This is the North American pressing of the record, and apparently Not Just Words Records is releasing this as well. Each pressing will have slight differences in the layout, and different colored vinyl. I was too late ordering this record, so I missed out on the clear pressing, and only got black vinyl (limited to 400). The packaging on this is pretty slick, and comes with a nice wraparound strip with the bands name, for the cover. Very nice touch.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trade Winds

I'm always uncomfortable when it comes to making an offer to buy a record off another collector. The situation doesn't present itself very often, but when it does, I'm paranoid that I'm going to make an offer that ends up being too low and insulting...therefore, I feel that I overcompensate and end up offering more than I need to. I've done it in the past when making offers to Aram. When I was buying some SSS records from Foxy, I did the same thing. After making a couple of purchases from Foxy and offering more than fair prices, I was presented with the opportunity to buy the Walton's package of the first SSS LP. This time I decided to make an offer on the conservative side. I can only assume that Foxy took it as a joke, since he never even bothered to reply. So it was with great trepidation that I approached a trade idea from Marcus. In the end it all worked out, and I was able to add a couple of incredible records to my collection.

I don't really collect Rain on the Parade records, but I'm thinking that I'd like to start at some point. Marcus, you may have just lit the fuse. The band's Full Speed Ahead 7 inch is amazing. Prior to this red vinyl copy, I only had the black vinyl pressing with the blue cover. I picked up that copy at the one and only time I caught the band live.

Other than the tracks on the Where The Wild Things Are comp LP, I've never really heard Outburst before. Marcus was offering a blue vinyl pressing of their Miles To Go 7 inch, so I figured that I'd check 'em out. Meh, they are okay I guess, but nothing too exciting.

One of the gems that Marcus had up for the trade was a copy of the Chorus of Disapproval 7 inch on purple vinyl. Released on Nemesis Records, I only had this on black vinyl, and ever since I saw Lins post some Chorus colored vinyl on his blog, I really wanted some myself.

Another band that I don't really collect is Absolution. I bought the black vinyl pressing of their 7 inch years and years ago from this mail order distro that sold some rare records. It was where I bought my Side by Side, Wide Awake and some Chain of Strength vinyl back in the early 90's. The guy that ran the distro assured me that the black vinyl was the rare pressing for Absolution. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but since I wasn't really collecting records at the time, I can't imagine that it was much more than $15. Cool record, and I figured that I'd add the red vinyl pressing to my collection as well.

Back in the day, I worshipped New Age Records, but somehow I managed to never check out Walk Proud. This record was not part of the trade deal with Marcus, but he threw it in for me anyway. Lyrically this can be a little painful, but overall it is some decent generic hardcore. I'm glad that I now have a copy of this, especially since this was the starting point of New Age.

Another bonus 7 inch that Marcus threw into the trade was the Search and Destroy 7 inch that he released on Endless Quest Records. The packaging on this is excellent. The front and back cover feature some very cool and original artwork. There was only 100 red vinyl with the yellow dust sleeve, but Marcus went and hand numbered all 483 records that he pressed. Mine is number 60. Awesome quality.

I don't think that anyone really cares about Face Value anymore...did anyone really care about them back when they were putting out records? I remember seeing them at some point in the mid-90's...maybe opening up for Econochrist and Rorschach, in the basement of some church in Cambridge. The whole PC scene was really coming to a head, and Face Value certainly didn't fit in with the crowd at this show, and watching from the crowd I wasn't impressed at the time either. I'm older, wiser and less sensitive than I used to be, and can now appreciate Face Value for the hardcore band that they were. Plus the colored vinyl on this thing looks amazing.

In addition to the Chorus 7 inch, the other record that I was really excited for was Undertow's At Both Ends LP on blue vinyl. This album destroys most everything else from that time in Hardcore's history, and even though I've never actively searched it out, I'm happy to finally have copy of this on vinyl. Extremely powerful and passionate.

Thanks again, Marcus...for everything.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Warbringer's new album, Waking Into Nightmares, was up for pre-order at CM Distro recently, and since their last album was one of my favorite metal releases in 2008, I didn't hesitate to pick it up. Another solid Thrash album from one of the leaders in today's Metal to 1,000 on clear vinyl.

Another band that released their debut album in 2008 was Avenger In Blood. Since I was in a Metal mood when I ordered Warbringer, I also decided to finally pick up their album, Death Brigade, as well. The band could be could be Kreator's bastard child, as this album could easily find a place between Terrible Certainty and Extreme Aggression. This album was released on Heavy Artillery, and man, they do an amazing job with their vinyl releases. I was late to the party, so I only got the black vinyl pressing, but they also released it on a couple of different colors which fetch a pretty high price on eBay these days.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Steps From The Past

Bottled Up Records recently released the What We Know Sessions from The First Step. As the story goes, TFS broke up during the Spring of 2001. When they got back together at the end of the year, they went into the studio and banged out these six tunes that which, as Stephen writes in the excellent overview on the inside cover, "explain the core spirit and ideology of TFS". The majority of these songs ended up being re-recorded with Walter from Gorilla Biscuits for the What We Know LP, with the exception of Cutting Through, which showed up on a MRR comp, but this session captures the band boiling over with positivity and passion for what the future holds for them. This record stands as a fitting tribute to a band that went out at the top of their game.
Bottled Up released three pressings of this, but I only ordered two copies. I received the hand numbered black vinyl pressing (number 56 of 100), as well as the clear blue pressing (limited to 150). There is also a white vinyl pressing that is limited to 250, and I'll have to pick that up at some point as well.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Idiot Nation

Martin from Los Crudos recently had some vinyl up on eBay. Crucial stuff, as I had my eye on the Turning Point 7 inch on red vinyl, plus a Brotherhood 7 inch. I had a few extra bucks in my Paypal account...payment from Rob for selling his records on eBay, and I was on the hunt for some rare, older records. I wanted something that was a classic. The Turning Point record ended up going for over $300, and Brotherhood sold for over $400. Fuck. I didn't have that much money to spare! On top of that, one of the Floorpunch dudes, sold a copy of their 7 inches on gold vinyl (limited to 88), and that one went for over $600. Are you fucking kidding me?!?!? That shit is insane. There is no way that I'm going to ever be able to afford that shit. Welcome to reality, Mike...your record collection is never going to be what you want it to be.

So fuck that. I'm going to have to stick to my bargain basement finds. This arrived in the mail last week. Face the Nation from Carry Nation, on clear vinyl. I already owned this on black vinyl, but my collection is better off for adding the clear vinyl pressing to it. What a cool record, released on Dan O's Workshed Records. I'm not sure how many are pressed of this color, or if Workshed released it on any other colors, but guess how much this one cost me. 99 cents. Not even a full dollar for this classic. Now that's what I'm talking about.

I'm not sure if this is normal, but mine had a few brownish streaks in the clear vinyl.

The other record that I picked up, from the same eBay seller, for cheap was Endpoint's Idiots 7 inch....also on clear vinyl. For some reason, I had never picked this up over the years. In fact, I'd never even heard it...but hey, it's Endpoint, so it couldn't be too bad. Cool record, full of cover songs, and the band tips their hat to Samhain with the cover of the record. Nice selection of songs, as they cover Embrace and Rites of Spring...both of which fit the bands style a Misfits cover, and another song by Malignant Growth (who I have never heard of). Picked this one up for $3.99. I also saw a copy of this on blue vinyl, but I'm not losing my mind over the need to get every color for this, so I passed on it.

So, fuck your $500 records, I only spent $5.00 on these two. Shut up, yeah, I'm jealous of other people's disposable incomes.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Prepare To Be Let Down

I recently picked up the second pressing of Ruiner's album, Prepare To Be Let Down, on tri-colored vinyl. I love the cover artwork on this thing...very dark...and compliments the music laid down on this record as well...very real and passionate hardcore. Sick record all around.
While ordering this record, I also picked up the Bridge Nine Mystery Box. In an attempt to do some spring cleaning in their warehouse, they ran this limited $10 offer for the Bridge Nine Mystery Box. What you would do is give them a list of your four favorite B9 bands, and they would fill the order with what ever they wanted. I took the chance and sent them my list of bands; Champion, Have Heart, Carry On, and Betrayed. Then I waited to see what I would receive. Some people would post pictures on the B9 messageboard, showing what they got. My anticipation grew as a few people were receiving rare pieces of vinyl. I saw kids receive very rare American Nightmare vinyl, a Death Threat test press, and the Carry On LP on clear vinyl. Some people received banners from B9 bands, and others received screened tour posters. And then there were those that received rather disappointing kid received 10 copies of the Anger Regiment CD. It took them a couple of weeks to fill my order, so I was getting nervous that all the cool shit was already gone. I finally received my box yesterday, and yeah, I was a little let down. No rare cool, limited posters for my music room. I got four CD's...Blue Monday (which I already own), the Some Kind Of Hate EP (I have the blue colored CD, but received the orange one), plus a CD from Death Before Dishonor and No Turning Back (which I have downloaded and burned to a CDR, but didn't like enough to really now I have an actual copy of it...karma?). I also got two t-shirts. I got a Have Heart shirt from their Euro tour. I already own this shirt...bought it for $5 at the Edge Day show a couple of years ago. The funny thing is that last week, my wife was telling me that this was not her "favorite shirt"...which is code for "I hate this shirt". Now I have two of them. I also got a long sleeve, black Ruiner shirt. I'm not sure how I feel about this definitely isn't a style that I would have wife on the other hand, hates this one as well. I also got a handful of stickers that I probably won't do anything with. Overall, this was a very cool idea from Bridge Nine, and a very different approach in a time when lots of labels are throwing their rare vinyl up on eBay to fund future releases. While I didn't really get a box of stuff that blew me away, it was a fun purchase.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Loud, Clear, and Powered

I picked up a copy of the Loud and Clear LP on black vinyl from eBay a couple weeks back. This is my first copy of this album from Powered other two copies were released on Six Feet Under Records. I've been searching eBay regularly for other pressings of this record, so I was happy when I finally found this pressing listed...and even happier when I was able to pick it up for only $5.00. Black vinyl from Powered Records is limited to 550. This thing rules, but you should know that by now.

Friday, May 08, 2009

We Don't Need Friends Like You

Rivalry Records has been very quiet for the past year or so. No news has come from them since the release of the last Verse LP back in June of 2008. Every once in a while, I'll check their home page and see if they have anything going on, and I was surprised a few weeks ago to see that the label was having a big 50% off sale on everything in their store, plus they had listed some rare items for sale. I was pretty happy to find they had the Go It Alone friends press of Histories up for sale. It's funny, Rivalry said that apparently they don't have many friends as they still had these copies lying around. Since this was limited to 105, I didn't hesitate to add it to my cart for $30 postage paid. I remember when this was released, and I was so jealous that Tyler got a copy of this friends press in his regular order. So yeah, I'm pretty excited to finally have a copy in my collection as well. Really cool record, with some of the more deep and insightful lyrics that you will ever find in hardcore.
Still not sure what is going on with Rivalry, especially now that it seems like they are cleaning out their inventory. They were one of the hottest hardcore labels around for a while, and it will be too bad if they've closed up shop.

PS. I love gatefold sleeves.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

On And On

I recently received my order for the new On EP. Following up Vital Times, the Control EP goes for a similar sound. Combined with the layout, with the torn paper design, something about this really reminds me of the early 90's hardcore...I don't know, maybe Undertow, or even Unbroken from their Ritual LP, with less metal influence. The 7 inch was pressed on white and black vinyl, but I have not seen any pressing info anywhere.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Vicious Vinyl

A couple months back, I had some problems with an order that I had placed with Revelation. When I ordered the Mouthpiece discography on vinyl, I had also ordered the Stand & Fight LP as well. I loved Stand & Fight, and when I saw their Together We Win album show up on Rev's new release list that stated it was "now available again on colored vinyl" with an item number of BACON02, I figured that it had been repressed on a new record label. I already had the two colors that Bridge Nine had done, so I ordered this "new" pressing to keep my collection complete. When I received my order, I was surprised to find that Rev had actually sent me the standard color pressing that Bridge Nine had that I already owned. After we traded a few emails back and forth, we straightened out the confusion. Apparently Greg Bacon from Stand & Fight, had some extra copies of the Bridge Nine pressing, and he just gave them to Revelation to sell, hence the BACON02 item number. I sent them back the Stand & Fight album, and I asked if they could send me the Vicious Circle LP from the Zero Boys as the replacement. They apologized for the confusion and agreed to the trade.
Originally released in 1982, this LP was reissued again in 2009 on Secretly Canadian Records. I first downloaded this album about a year ago, and fell in love with it immediately. Another classic hardcore record that I discovered 20 years after it's initial release. I looked at picking this up on eBay over the past year, but the original vinyl pressings were going for over $60, so I kept putting it off. Even though I would prefer to have an original pressing, at this time I'll settle for saving some money and just buy the reissue.