Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lost And Found

Back in 2009 I bought a ton of records from Just Another Day Records. The label was killing it and releasing top quality records from some of the most under appreciated Straight Edge bands of that time. Debaser, Overload, Resolve, Times Together...such a solid roster of bands. By the end of 2010, I was starting to hear complaints about the label from kids that weren't getting the shit that they ordered. Sounded like the dude that was running things, got in over his head and decided to cut and run.

2014 rolls around and the label is under new management, with Rune taking over, and resurrecting the Just Another Day name. His first order of business is releasing the long lost Resolve 7 inch from their 2009 recording session.

Originally pressed back in 2010, the label imploded before the Resolve record could see the light of day. Apparently, they were stored in a basement, and then the majority of them were destroyed in a flood. Only 69 of them survived. 19 of them, that were used as the initial test pressing, were salvaged and wrapped in a great looking Lost rip off sleeve. I see what you did there.

Number 6 of 19. I guess that I can count this as a test press, which would put my total for the year at nine.

This is really a great record. I'd forgotten how good Resolve were, and how much they sounded like early Turning Point. It has been fun re-discovering this band, and in the process of writing up this post, I went back and started looking at what else was released in 2009. Goddamn, I forgot how strong this year was for Hardcore...Fire & Ice, Fired Up, , Lion Of Judah, Face Reality, Keep It Clear, Rival Mob, True Colors...well, I know what I'll be listening to for the rest of the day.

For the regular pressing, there were 22 on white and blue splatter vinyl, and 28 on the white and blue split.

Figured that I might as well take out my Resolve collection for a photo.

Rune was nice enough to throw in a couple records from the JAD back catalog for free.

Back in the day, JAD was known for pressing tons of colored vinyl and variants for each release. It got to the point where I couldn't keep up...especially paying overseas prices, and I limited my purchases for the Overload 7 inch. I did not have this blue/grey marble variant so it is cool to receive one now. This one is numbered 1 out of 20.

There are around thirteen different variations for the Overload record. I've now got four, and no real desire to chase a complete collection.

Rune also threw in a white vinyl pressing of the Debaser 7 inch. I've already got a copy, so now I've got an extra. Thanks for everything, Rune!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Give 'Em The Axe

I'd placed an order with All That Is Heavy distro a few months back, and was looking to round it out with one more record.

I own the second Stone Axe album, and have been meaning to pick up some more vinyl from them. You know how it goes...there isn't really anything super collectable about it, and it seems like most of their stuff is readily available I just keep putting it off, and chase something more rare instead.

When I saw that All That Is Heavy was down to only one copy of the band's first 7 inch, I grabbed it. The star covered naked woman on the front cover may or may not have influenced by desire to buy this as well.

Side one of this record features Riders of the Night, which has such a great doomy/stoner/early 70's influenced sound. It is a great song, but it ended up on the first Stone Axe LP. The b side, however, is exclusive to this release, and is cover of Cream's SWLABR. It may be my favorite Cream song, and Stone Axe do it justice here.

I felt kind of silly posting for just one two-song 7 inch for Stone Axe, so I headed out on a quest for more vinyl. While cruising around on eBay, I stumbled upon a seller that had a copy of the band's Extended Play 10 inch. I wasn't sure what was on it, but the seller's description of the shiny "mirror" cover, had me sold.

Yup...there I am in the reflection of the cover.

As it turned out, this record has a few studio songs on side a, and a few live songs on side b. Remember last week, when I was complaining about how much I hate the live 7 inch format? The three songs contained on this record have me eating my words. Holy fuck. The versions here of Black Widow and Skylah Rae blew my mind. The first time I'd played it through, I desperately wanted to grab someone, sit them in my music room, drop the needle to the vinyl, and scream "Listen to that fucking guitar tone! Holy shit, that Black Widow riff is killing it right now!". I needed to share it with someone that would appreciate the way my heartbeat sped up upon hearing these live songs...someone that would understand this thrill. For a second I thought of forcing it upon my wife, but I couldn't take the "Yes, that's nice honey", as she would just humor me. Even if she liked it, she still wouldn't really "get it". Sadly, I had no one to turn to. All I have this blog, and while this post may never get a response from anyone, at least I've verbalized my excitement. I've gotten it out of my system...for now.

Mirror Edition is limited to 150 and is on blue vinyl.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Check 'Em Before You Wreck 'Em

I really enjoyed Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell's first album, Don't Hear It, but the new Black Sheep/Elementary Man single, that was released earlier this year, took things to another level. Anticipation levels were high for the new album.

From the first song on the album, you can hear that something is a bit different. The mood is a bit more loose, the sounds are a little more frantic, and the attitude tells you that the band just does what they do, and they aren't too concerned if you dig it or not. The entire thing is a step from their 2012 debut.

100 pressed on clear vinyl for the Die Hard Edition.

The Die Hard Edition comes with a bonus 7 inch, and a big poster. Anything that features that dude wearing the freaky bird head is instantly awesome.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Give Live

The only thing worse than a live album, is a live 7 inch. What a terrible idea.

I'm not a fan of the "shuffle" playlist, unless I'm out for a run, and I've never been a fan of any kind of radio. I want to listen to the album, not just songs. I need to listen to things from start to finish. With a live 7 inch, you only get a snapshot of the live don't get the entire thing. The whole experience leaves me feeling incomplete.

I've got a halfway decent Give collection started, so when Photobooth Records, put up preorders for a live 7 inch, I begrudgingly made my purchase. The sound quality isn't that great, but Give rock their way through these four songs with the live energy that you'd expect from the band. Good for what it is, but I'll never listen to it again.

200 on yellow vinyl, and more than that on black.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Back From The Dead

I'm a big fan of Articles Of Faith...hell, even that EP that the band recorded a few years ago was pretty tight. Two years ago, when I heard that Vic Bondi was fronting a new band, Dead Ending, I was interested to check them out. Thankfully the band sounded more like AOF than Alloy. Alternative Tentacles released two quick EPs, and while I liked what I heard, I just never got around to picking them up.

I was surprised to see that Bridge Nine was releasing the band's third EP. I don't pay much attention to the bands that B9 are releasing these days, but with this Dead Ending record, I didn't think twice about finally buying some DE vinyl.

This record continues in the same tradition as the first two, and man, it just rips. Putting all three EPs back to back, and they still don't break the 28 minute mark. No frills...just straight forward hardcore. Vic sounds just as passionate and powerful as he did with AOF in the early 80's.

300 pressed on red vinyl.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Lights Out On 1,000 Posts

Whoa, I wasn't paying attention, and it almost got by me. I was working on a post for this blog...nothing special, just another record that was recently released...then I noticed that I was hitting a milestone of 1,000 posts. Damn, I better change my plans and pull out something special for this occasion. What better way to celebrate than with a recent acquisition of a Youngblood test press.

It had been a while since I'd spent any time on eBay. After dropping some big money for the first pressing of Paranoid, I swore off the evil temptress, and stayed clear of eBay. A month and a half went by, and I thought that I'd do a quick search to see what React! rarities were out there. While scrolling through some auctions that a seller had, I stumbled upon a test pressing of the Overload LP from Lights Out.

Fuck. This changes everything. I was no longer just casually browsing I had a mission, and I set out to win this test press at any cost.

There is something special about this album. It sinks it's hooks in me, and does not let go. This album is almost 10 years old, and yet still whenever I listen to it, I can't just play it soon as it is done playing, I've got to queue it up again.

I knew that finding this test press on eBay was a rare occasion, and this was an opportunity that I planned to take full advantage of. It feels great to finally have a copy of this. Limited to 24.

1,000 posts, and eight years in on this blog. "I could have given up and gone out like you, but now that's just not me".

Complete collection for the Overload LP. Now is probably a good time to start chasing the Lights Out 7 inch.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Struggling To Find Peace

Back in January, I posted about the gold vinyl pressing of the Peace 7 inch that I'd recently received. At the end of the post, I mentioned that I was missing the 2012 Record Store Day pressing of that 7 inch. Shortly after that post, I had an email from some dude saying that he had a copy available, and offered to sell it, if I was interested.

Typically, I walk away from these sort of deals. I don't want to say that I don't trust any of you, but I do worry about someone taking advantage of the situation and rip me off. This time, I was just desperate enough to jump in with both feet, and hope for the best. We worked out a price, and I sent the money off via paypal.

A month goes by, and the record hasn't arrived. I fire off an email, and it goes unanswered. A week goes by, and I send another email. No reply. Fuck this. I open a dispute with paypal...wait the required amount of time before I escalate it to a claim...and then the guy responds. Apparently he wasn't checking that email address, and didn't know that he had received the money, but he would send the record right out. I let him know that I'd close the claim as soon as it arrived. It was painful, but I'm glad to finally have it in my hands.

Like all of the React! Record Store Day editions, this was only available at Celebrated Summer Records in Baltimore. They aren't easy to come by for those of us not in Maryland.

The RSD pressing for the Peace 7 inch comes with a special cover, and some crazy stamp on the inside.

Limited to 40 and hand numbered.

Okay, the only thing I'm missing from my Peace collection is a test pressing. Anyone out there have a copy they want to let go? I'm sure we could work something out.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Don't Break The Oath

Rise Above brings us another band with a female handling vocal duties. Look, I love Blood Ceremony, and I can hang with Purson, but I wasn't sure if I'd be interested in adding another female fronted Metal band in my collection. Maybe a bit of a douche because of it, but I like my Metal mean and aggressive, and sometimes the girls don't cut it for me. Reluctantly, I checked out the preview video for The Oath, before committing to the latest Rise Above preorder. As soon as All Must Die kicks in, with those mean sounding guitars, I was sold on it.

I was there as soon as pictures went up, so you know I went with the Die Hard pressing.

The Die Hard edition comes with a nice slip cover for the regular LP sleeve. I can see why you would want to keep the slip cover on...the actual album cover is really nothing to look at. Hot blondes in leather with some skin showing? Who would be interested in something like that?

Clear vinyl Die Hard pressing is limited to 100.

Once again, Rise Above does not disappoint. This album is solid all the way through. Total quality.

On of the biggest draws for me to pick up the Die Hard Edition for this album was the exclusive 7 inch. It is just a one sided deal, but on it, The Oath cover Night Of The Demon by NWOBHM band Demon. I'd been listening to Demon's second LP, The Unexpected Guest, a lot lately, so I was stoked to hear that The Oath was covering on of their songs. They do great job with it here.

In addition to the bonus 7 inch, Rise Above goes above and beyond with extra goodies for the Die Hard pressing, including a promo shot and patch.

Friday, May 09, 2014

I Was So Wasted

Much to my surprise, Keith Morris and crew keep things moving with OFF!. I was certain that the band would disappear after exploding onto the scene back in 2010. Yet, here we are, almost four years later, and with a string of solid records in their wake, with another new album from this punk rock supergroup.

While the Circle Jerks stumbled a bit with stuff like Wonderful and the Oddities LP, OFF! have had no such problems. Wasted Years follows the same blueprint set forth with their EPs and self titled first, this think just smokes from start to finish.

As soon as pre-orders went up over at Interpunk, I was all over it...determined to not miss out on the colored vinyl. Limited to 2,000 copies on red.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Mind Pressings

I had 8 copies of Leave No Doubt...might as well make it an even 10.

For the second press of Mindset's powerful album, REACT! gives us two more colors. Well, they tried anyway. The white and blue mix color ended up looking very much like the white vinyl from the first press. There are a few faint streaks of blue, but they were damn near impossible to photograph.

Yellow seems like an odd color choice, but somehow it works for me. The yellow vinyl looks great next to the black, white and red cover.

250 pressed on white/blue, and 750 on yellow.

A while back, I was messing around on Instagram, and I stumbled across a picture of Noose's second 7 inch. Wait. This one looks like it is on purple vinyl. I didn't know that this existed on purple.

I check out the REACT! site, and boom, there they are. I'll take one, thank you.

200 pressed for the second pressing. Damn, that purple looks great!

Monday, May 05, 2014

To Record Collectors, With Love

Sometime near the end of last year, I downloaded a demo from a band named True Love. Man, what a terrible name for a Hardcore band. I'm pretty sure that they are now signed to REACT!, which must have been what tipped me off to check them out in the first place. Because of the REACT! connection, you know that this is going to be good. I'm not the biggest American Nightmare fan, but True Love completely nail that sound...and do it in a way that keeps me interested.

I had no idea that this had been pressed on vinyl until I caught the post that Chris put up over at Unwavering Spirit. Once I saw it, I immediately headed over to the Mayfly store and grabbed myself a couple of copies.

400 pressed on peach colored vinyl, and 100 on black with this nice looking screen printed b-side.

Thursday, May 01, 2014


I'm never content...always on the hunt for something new. So far this year, I've already added 800 new songs to my iPod. Fucking crazy. I need a more selective process for listening to new music.

Sandwell recently saw Grand Magus play live over in the UK. Lucky bastard. I love that band, and was looking to get some info on the show so that I could live vicariously through him. While giving me the details, he mentioned that the band that opened the show, Asomvel, was quite good as well. That was all that I needed to hear. The next few minutes of my life went something like for, and watch the video for Trash Talker...feel my heart pound a bit faster from a surge of adrenaline...find and buy the vinyl for the Knuckle Duster LP. Just like that. I don't fuck around.

Seriously, this album rules. Asomvel sound like those classic Motorhead years of Overkill through Ace Of Spades. The first few times that I listened to this album, that influence really stood out..."Damn, that really sounds like Capricorn"...but now when I hear these songs, they just sound like Asomvel. Yes, the Motorhead sound is still there, but the band manage to make it their own. Impressive. Easily, one of my favorite new records that I've bought this year.