Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lost And Found

Back in 2009 I bought a ton of records from Just Another Day Records. The label was killing it and releasing top quality records from some of the most under appreciated Straight Edge bands of that time. Debaser, Overload, Resolve, Times Together...such a solid roster of bands. By the end of 2010, I was starting to hear complaints about the label from kids that weren't getting the shit that they ordered. Sounded like the dude that was running things, got in over his head and decided to cut and run.

2014 rolls around and the label is under new management, with Rune taking over, and resurrecting the Just Another Day name. His first order of business is releasing the long lost Resolve 7 inch from their 2009 recording session.

Originally pressed back in 2010, the label imploded before the Resolve record could see the light of day. Apparently, they were stored in a basement, and then the majority of them were destroyed in a flood. Only 69 of them survived. 19 of them, that were used as the initial test pressing, were salvaged and wrapped in a great looking Lost rip off sleeve. I see what you did there.

Number 6 of 19. I guess that I can count this as a test press, which would put my total for the year at nine.

This is really a great record. I'd forgotten how good Resolve were, and how much they sounded like early Turning Point. It has been fun re-discovering this band, and in the process of writing up this post, I went back and started looking at what else was released in 2009. Goddamn, I forgot how strong this year was for Hardcore...Fire & Ice, Fired Up, , Lion Of Judah, Face Reality, Keep It Clear, Rival Mob, True Colors...well, I know what I'll be listening to for the rest of the day.

For the regular pressing, there were 22 on white and blue splatter vinyl, and 28 on the white and blue split.

Figured that I might as well take out my Resolve collection for a photo.

Rune was nice enough to throw in a couple records from the JAD back catalog for free.

Back in the day, JAD was known for pressing tons of colored vinyl and variants for each release. It got to the point where I couldn't keep up...especially paying overseas prices, and I limited my purchases for the Overload 7 inch. I did not have this blue/grey marble variant so it is cool to receive one now. This one is numbered 1 out of 20.

There are around thirteen different variations for the Overload record. I've now got four, and no real desire to chase a complete collection.

Rune also threw in a white vinyl pressing of the Debaser 7 inch. I've already got a copy, so now I've got an extra. Thanks for everything, Rune!

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