Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Give Live

The only thing worse than a live album, is a live 7 inch. What a terrible idea.

I'm not a fan of the "shuffle" playlist, unless I'm out for a run, and I've never been a fan of any kind of radio. I want to listen to the album, not just songs. I need to listen to things from start to finish. With a live 7 inch, you only get a snapshot of the live don't get the entire thing. The whole experience leaves me feeling incomplete.

I've got a halfway decent Give collection started, so when Photobooth Records, put up preorders for a live 7 inch, I begrudgingly made my purchase. The sound quality isn't that great, but Give rock their way through these four songs with the live energy that you'd expect from the band. Good for what it is, but I'll never listen to it again.

200 on yellow vinyl, and more than that on black.


mcs said...

I love stuff like this. A record you do not want but begrudgingly bought, forced yourself to listen to once and have no intention of listening to again... yet still you had to buy TWO copies.

This post sums up record collecting perfectly.

Wade said...

What Marcus said plus I like the part about not being able to listen to the radio. People don't understand why I can't listen to Pandora or put my ipod on shuffle. I like full control and will always appreciate an album.