Thursday, May 08, 2014

Mind Pressings

I had 8 copies of Leave No Doubt...might as well make it an even 10.

For the second press of Mindset's powerful album, REACT! gives us two more colors. Well, they tried anyway. The white and blue mix color ended up looking very much like the white vinyl from the first press. There are a few faint streaks of blue, but they were damn near impossible to photograph.

Yellow seems like an odd color choice, but somehow it works for me. The yellow vinyl looks great next to the black, white and red cover.

250 pressed on white/blue, and 750 on yellow.

A while back, I was messing around on Instagram, and I stumbled across a picture of Noose's second 7 inch. Wait. This one looks like it is on purple vinyl. I didn't know that this existed on purple.

I check out the REACT! site, and boom, there they are. I'll take one, thank you.

200 pressed for the second pressing. Damn, that purple looks great!


Anonymous said...

No updated family picture of Leave No Doubt?


Mike said...

Totally lame. I thought about it just before I published this post, but didn't want to wait another day to drag everything out and take another picture. Lazy blogging.