Monday, May 12, 2014

Don't Break The Oath

Rise Above brings us another band with a female handling vocal duties. Look, I love Blood Ceremony, and I can hang with Purson, but I wasn't sure if I'd be interested in adding another female fronted Metal band in my collection. Maybe a bit of a douche because of it, but I like my Metal mean and aggressive, and sometimes the girls don't cut it for me. Reluctantly, I checked out the preview video for The Oath, before committing to the latest Rise Above preorder. As soon as All Must Die kicks in, with those mean sounding guitars, I was sold on it.

I was there as soon as pictures went up, so you know I went with the Die Hard pressing.

The Die Hard edition comes with a nice slip cover for the regular LP sleeve. I can see why you would want to keep the slip cover on...the actual album cover is really nothing to look at. Hot blondes in leather with some skin showing? Who would be interested in something like that?

Clear vinyl Die Hard pressing is limited to 100.

Once again, Rise Above does not disappoint. This album is solid all the way through. Total quality.

On of the biggest draws for me to pick up the Die Hard Edition for this album was the exclusive 7 inch. It is just a one sided deal, but on it, The Oath cover Night Of The Demon by NWOBHM band Demon. I'd been listening to Demon's second LP, The Unexpected Guest, a lot lately, so I was stoked to hear that The Oath was covering on of their songs. They do great job with it here.

In addition to the bonus 7 inch, Rise Above goes above and beyond with extra goodies for the Die Hard pressing, including a promo shot and patch.

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