Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Struggling To Find Peace

Back in January, I posted about the gold vinyl pressing of the Peace 7 inch that I'd recently received. At the end of the post, I mentioned that I was missing the 2012 Record Store Day pressing of that 7 inch. Shortly after that post, I had an email from some dude saying that he had a copy available, and offered to sell it, if I was interested.

Typically, I walk away from these sort of deals. I don't want to say that I don't trust any of you, but I do worry about someone taking advantage of the situation and rip me off. This time, I was just desperate enough to jump in with both feet, and hope for the best. We worked out a price, and I sent the money off via paypal.

A month goes by, and the record hasn't arrived. I fire off an email, and it goes unanswered. A week goes by, and I send another email. No reply. Fuck this. I open a dispute with paypal...wait the required amount of time before I escalate it to a claim...and then the guy responds. Apparently he wasn't checking that email address, and didn't know that he had received the money, but he would send the record right out. I let him know that I'd close the claim as soon as it arrived. It was painful, but I'm glad to finally have it in my hands.

Like all of the React! Record Store Day editions, this was only available at Celebrated Summer Records in Baltimore. They aren't easy to come by for those of us not in Maryland.

The RSD pressing for the Peace 7 inch comes with a special cover, and some crazy stamp on the inside.

Limited to 40 and hand numbered.

Okay, the only thing I'm missing from my Peace collection is a test pressing. Anyone out there have a copy they want to let go? I'm sure we could work something out.


chris said...

This is a great pickup. I tried to get one on ebay a few weeks back but the price kinda sky rocketed for what I was willing to pay. If there's anything from Celebrated Summer you want or need let me know as I go to Baltimore quite often.

Glued To The Genre said...

That Totoro stamp is bomb.