Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Cheap 7 Inch Haul: 2001 Far From Breaking

Far From Breaking is another one of those early 2000 bands that I rarely think about playing. The band released two 7 inches, and I have a good time with both of them, but for some reason this era of hardcore tends to get pushed aside when I'm looking for something to listen to. I really need to make an effort to go back and pull out of these records because stuff like this is a blast to revisit.
While I was filling my cart with cheap 7 inches from Discogs, I noticed this blue vinyl for the first Far From Breaking 7 inch, and quickly grabbed it. It's funny because I'm pretty sure that Doug was selling a bunch of this kind of stuff a few years ago, including a bunch of Far From Breaking records, but I was in a different musical headspace and I wasn't interested, so he ended up dumping it all at one of his local record store. Man, what I wouldn't give to go back and take a crack at some of those records now.
The Made My Choice record was released on Third Party, and it definitely fits that sound and style the label was doing in the mid to late 90's. Just young kids playing simple straight edge hardcore. I'm down with it.
The second Far From Breaking 7 inch was released on Youngblood and is a definite improvement. The band still plays that straight edge hardcore style, but the songs are tighter and better written.
I didn't actually order this record. The seller must have checked my collection on Discogs, as he mentioned that he noticed I didn't own the blue vinyl pressing for The Identity, and threw it in the order for free. Good deal!
I'm not really setting out to collect Far From Breaking records, but here we are.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Cheap 7 Inch Haul: 2000 - Tear It Up

When I did my "cheap 7 inch" haul from Armageddon Records back in 2019, I was reminded how great some of those thrashy hardcore bands were from the early 2000's. It was awesome to check out those bands again, and dig into some of the records that I'd failed to pick up back in the day. I still tend to overlook those bands when I'm listening to music today, but finding a cheap 7 inch for one of those bands is a great reminder of how much fun that style can be.
Tear It Up are one of the better bands that do the thrashy hardcore style. Between 2000 and 2003 the band released one album, and a bunch of EPs and splits. They released a lot of shit in that short period, and it is tempting to get sucked into the record collector void for them, as they have some really great looking covers and variants.
Classic cover for the first Tear It Up 7 inch, and it looks great with the transparent orange vinyl.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Cheap 7 Inch Haul: 1999 - Reinforce

When you play in the arena of cheap 7 inches, chances are you're one of the few people that still care about relatively unknown and obscure bands. I don't think that Reinforce were causing that many ripples back in the late 90's, but I would imagine that in 2021 there are probably only two guys that get excited about collecting this band.
I really liked this second 7 inch from Reinforce back when it was released. I never had any interest in the tough guy bands of the day, and so I was hooked from the start with the One Life Thug Free record title. The band definitely idolized 7 Seconds with everything from the positivity, the sound, and even the eye-black. They seemed to just really have fun playing hardcore, and I bet they were a blast to see live.
I'd kind of forgotten about the band as they've been buried under twenty years of records since they were around, but picking up these $3 records was a nice reminder. One of the things that had me excited about buying a couple pressings of this old Reinforce 7 inch was how great the colored vinyl looked. That clear vinyl with the blue streak might be one of the best looking pieces of colored vinyl, and the blue marbled is pretty tight as well.
I wasn't a collector back in 1999, and was quite content with my regular black vinyl pressing, but these days I'm stoked on the colored vinyl for this 7 inch. Now if I could just get my hands on the "Melanie Jayne Chisholm" edition!

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Cheap 7 Inch Haul: 1998 - The Third Degree

The Third Degree were the band that kicked off this entire "cheap 7 inch" shopping spree. I've been listening to their Concrete Warriors album a lot recently, and even though I knew that it had never been pressed to vinyl, I still had to jump to the band's Discogs page just to double check and make sure I had my facts straight. Sigh...yeah, as I remembered, it was a CD only release.
While I was visiting the band's Discogs page, their first 7 inch caught my eye. I never bothered with this record back in the day, but in my desperation to buy some vinyl for The Third Degree, I decided that now was the time to check it out...and the $3 price tag certainly helped it's cause.
According to Discogs there were 220 pressed on blue vinyl, but the copy that I received was numbered out of 100. Not sure what the deal was, I reached out to Inspector Marcus to see if he knew any details. Of course he did. The scoop that he gave me was that the record was a split release between Indecision and Finn Records...his copy from Indecision wasn't numbered, so the assumption was that Finn numbered thiers. Good info, and I'm glad that the copy I picked up happened to be numbered.
While Marcus and I were talking about The Third Degree, their Switchblades & Urethane 7 inch came up. Again, I'd never heard it, so I asked for his opinion if I should bother checking it out...I found that the skull and crossbones cover to be a bit dumb, so I was a bit cautious on picking it up...Marcus came back with a smartass reply that there was one on Discogs for $5 and I should take the chance to find out. Fucker. 5 seconds later I was adding it to my cart.
Goddamn. This band's entire output is flawless. This two song 7 inch from 1999 is a perfect fit between the 1998 self titled 7 inch and the Concrete Warriors album from 2000.
Numbered out of 300, and The Third Degree are on target to be my favorite band that I'll listen to all year.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Cheap 7 Inch Haul: 1997 - Blank

I wasn't limiting myself to only Youth Crew revival bands in '97... no, I was also pretty big on Art Monk stuff like Seven Storey Mountain and Trans Megetti as well. While I preferred the more straight forward hardcore bands, stuff like this provided a nice alternative.
Blank kind of fell into that emo/Ebullition style that was big through the mid-90's. I had their Piotrville 7 inch from '94, and I really liked that record but never really bothered with anything beyond that. I think at one point I had a CD of theirs but it never hooked me and I ended up selling it... so it was a gamble grabbing this record from '97. Hell, it was cheap and I wanted to check out something that might be a bit different, so I threw caution (and four dollars) to the wind, and added this to the cart.
While this record isn't nearly as fun as Piotrville, I'm surprised by how much I like these songs. Solid stuff for sure.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Cheap 7 Inch Haul: 1997 - Bout Of The Century

My "Big 4" for hardcore in 1996 would be Ten Yard Fight, Fastbreak, Floorpunch and Bane. I can't understate how big those bands were for me at that time... and when TYF and Fastbreak teamed up for a split 7 inch in '97, I couldn't have been more excited for it. Even though I prefered CDs at the time, I still made sure to pick up this record. I can't remember where I bought the red vinyl, but it feels like I saw Ten Yard Fight play once a month at the time, I assume I grabbed the red vinyl at their merch table.
The songs on this split are all great. I remember around this time, some people were starting to talk about how disappointed they were that Fastbreak were changing their sound, so I didn't know what to expect when I picked this up back then. I was relieved when I finally heard the songs as these are still rooted in that old school youth crew style...turned out that change wouldn't show up until their next record...make no mistake though, Fastbreak never put out a bad record.
Since I absolutely love this record, it is ridiculous how long it has taken me to put together a halfway decent collection. When I filling my cart with cheap 7 inches from a Discogs seller and saw this green vinyl pressing available, I was happy to finally grab a copy for myself.
While this record is part of my "cheap 7 inch haul", this was still the most expensive one of the bunch... breaking the bank at $9... but it was still worth it to finally have all four colors.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Cheap 7 Inch Haul: 1994 - Strain

I bought two of the Strain 7 inches back in the mid-90's. The Driven and Cataract records were pretty good, but I didn't really appreciate them at the time and they got pushed aside rather quickly as I was focusing on other bands at the time. It's kind of surprising that I didn't pay much attention to them back then as Strain definitely sounds like they could be Undertow's baby brother...and I was a huge fan of Undertow.
I've definitely come to appreciate the band more over the past few years, but I still have a few records that haven't gotten around to listening to yet. As I was recently dropping cheap 7 inches in to my cart from a Discogs seller, I noticed this Strain record that I wasn't familiar with. It was on colored vinyl and the price was right, so I decided to take a chance.
This record is fucking great. Definitely in that Undertow style that I'm familiar with from the two Heartfirst 7 inches. This yellow vinyl looks fantastic and it got me checking out other colored vinyl pressings for their stuff on Discogs...damn, I might need to start collecting this band.