Saturday, June 19, 2021

Shot Tester

I don't typically bother with old school test pressings. You know, the ones where the only packaging is a simple dust sleeve. No, I like my test pressings packaged in a special sleeve. For me, it is all about the presentation. It has to catch my eye, and plain test pressings don't really interest me. There are exceptions of course, and when Chris from Unwavering Spirit reached out to me about selling his copy of one of my favorite mid 90's hardcore emo records, I couldn't resist and had to take him up on it.
I just loved those Shotmaker records from the 90's. The band fell into the hardcore emo tag before it became a dirty word. Their songs were wild and at times it sounded like the singer was on the verge of blowing out his vocal chords...there was chaos and melody, and it completely defined the sound of the time. I was lucky enough to catch them play live in a small backroom of a Harvest health food co-op around Boston, and it felt like I witnessed something special. Man, I'm very happy to own a test press for The Crayon Club. I'm sorry that you had to let it go Chris, but know that it is in good hands.
I'm taking lessons from the master of test press posts, and posting a picture of the test press with the regular cover to make the photo a bit more interesting.

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Mike said...

Damn! Wouldn't mind having one of those!