Friday, June 04, 2021

Tales Of Hallows Eve

I've obsessed over those mid-80's Metal Blade albums since I was a kid and studying thier ads in the metal mags that I was buying at the time. Even to this day, there are some of those records that I have still never heard, and they have almost taken upon a mythical status in my mind. At this point the legend of bands like Predator, Bloodlust and Savage Grace has grown so much in my imagination, it almost feels like I would ruin it by actually listening to their records. Part of the reason for the high expectations is because of bands like Hallows Eve.
I had the Tales Of Terror cassette from Hallows Eve as a kid, and I absolutely loved that thing. Songs like Metal Merchants were as much of an anthem to me at that time as anything from Maiden or Priest. Even today, I break out that album for a spin a couple times a year, but last year I could not get enough of it. I listened to that thing repeatedly throughout 2020 and I was itching to finally grab a copy on vinyl. The record doesn't come cheap and looking for one in mint condition only increased the difficulty of the hunt. As I was obsessing over the album again recently, I decided to finally stop dicking about and just buy the fucking thing. I found a great looking copy on Discogs and just pulled the trigger.
Man, this thing is absolutely killer. The condition is top notch, and it is one of my favorite underground metal albums ever. Very happy to finally have a copy in the collection.

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