Wednesday, June 02, 2021


I downloaded a copy of the first Starfighters album a couple years ago. I was on a huge New Wave Of British Heavy Metal kick at the time, and was checking out a bunch of stuff from that era that I'd never heard before. I gave that Starfighters album a few listens and then quickly moved on to chase other records that were having more of an impact on me. Since it is the 40th anniversary for albums released in 1981, I've been hanging out in my playlist for that year, and I decided to give Starfighters another shot.
Checking out the Starfighters album this time around hooked me from the start. The songs have a loose and rockin' AC/DC vibe to them...and after digging into the details on the band I discovered that Stevie Young (Angus and Malcolm's nephew) plays guitar here, so it is understandable that Starfighters draws from that influence. This record is just a great time.
Even with the Young family connection, the Starfighters stuff doesn't seem too difficult to collect, and I was able to scoop the UK pressing of their first album from a Discogs seller for under $10.

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