Thursday, June 17, 2021

Record Release On The James

The month of March had already proven to be an expensive one for me when it came to buying records. I'd already picked up a heavy hitter from my Want List, and it seemed like I was buying something through Discogs every other day. It was getting to the point where I needed to hit the brakes and let things cool down for a while...but then Chris from the old Unwavering Spirit blog hit me up to say that he was stuggling with bills due to the impact of COVID-19 and had to sell some records to help make ends meet. Wanting to be a good friend, I dug a little deeper into the savings account.
One of the first records that he was looking to sell was the record release pressing of the Down To Nothing album, Life On The James. I already had the record release version for The Most, so it seemed only logical for me to jump on this one too.
I've kind of rekindled my love for Down To Nothing this year. When I agreed to buy this version of Life On The James, I thought it would be nice for the collection, but I wasn't exactly stoked on it. I remembered being a bit underwhelmed with the album when it was released, so even though I was was happy to buy this record release copy, I didn't find it terribly exciting. Hell, I'd barely given this album much of listen since 2013/2014. Listening to the record today, I'm absolutely stunned by how much I'm enjoying it. This album is a blast, and as we move into warmer weather, I feel that this record is going to be my soundtrack for the summer. So happy to have grabbed this when I had the chance.

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