Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Invincible Priest

Judas Priest keep on kicking. It has been a number of years since KK left the band, and then Glenn Tipton wasn't able to tour in recent years due to Parkinsons, so it was kind of a surprise when we heard that the band was working on a new album. I'm not sure how much longer they will be able to hold things together, but like AC/DC, I'll be there until the very end. The last Priest record, Firepower in 2018, was some solid heavy metal, and I didn't expect any less from Invincible Shield.
You know exactly what you are going to get with a modern Priest record. There are no surprises... the band just comes in and gives what's expected. It might be nice if they mixed it up a bit, and maybe brought in some of those 70's flares because that is my favorite era of the band, but that's fine... I'll take the full on metal attack. Invincible Shield may be very similar to Firepower and Redeemer of Souls but they still deliver the goods, so I'm not complaining. It is just great to still hear Halford and his band doing what they do.
It was difficult to decide which edition of the record that I wanted to pick up. The album coordinates the colored vinyl to the album cover... so the red vinyl has a cover that mostly uses red, while the blue vinyl has a cover that leans more into the blue color... same with the pink and the purple colored vinyl... and then there is the alternate cover art, or the holographic cover. Impressive packaging for sure. While I really wanted the pink vinyl version, the red vinyl was available at my local store, so I just grabbed that one.

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