Monday, May 05, 2014

To Record Collectors, With Love

Sometime near the end of last year, I downloaded a demo from a band named True Love. Man, what a terrible name for a Hardcore band. I'm pretty sure that they are now signed to REACT!, which must have been what tipped me off to check them out in the first place. Because of the REACT! connection, you know that this is going to be good. I'm not the biggest American Nightmare fan, but True Love completely nail that sound...and do it in a way that keeps me interested.

I had no idea that this had been pressed on vinyl until I caught the post that Chris put up over at Unwavering Spirit. Once I saw it, I immediately headed over to the Mayfly store and grabbed myself a couple of copies.

400 pressed on peach colored vinyl, and 100 on black with this nice looking screen printed b-side.

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