Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I Need That Super Motion

Back when I picked up the newest Turnstile 7 inch, I mentioned that one copy was enough for me. I was done pouring money into the Turnstile record collecting machine. I got in, grabbed a copy for myself, and got out. It was easy for me to say at the time, since I didn't expect to get the offer to pick up a special record release cover.

Turnstile seem to have a consistent theme of terrible looking record covers, and the one that was designed for their record release show is no exception. Man, that thing is terrible...it is so ugly, that I kind of wanted a copy.

I obviously wasn't going to be making it to Turnstile's record release show, but thankfully, Chris over at Unwavering Spirit saved the day and hooked me up.

So even though I was content with my yellow vinyl pressing, I'm kind of happy to have another color with this one on purple. Record release cover limited to 125 and hand numbered.

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Willem RWHAF said...

Great vinyl colour also, makes me want to hunt one down, despite my previous intentions not to.