Monday, January 09, 2017

Never Surrender

I always kind of lumped Man Will Surrender in with those "too cool for Hardcore" Doghouse rock bands. I ignored them back in the mid-90's, as I had no interest in that weak ass style. Well, as time goes on, sometimes you find your stance relax a little, and you open your eyes up to those bands that you fought against back when you were young and more closed minded.

When I was neck deep into my 1996 obsession, I saw that Man Will Surrender had released an EP on Equal Vision that year. I was feeling adventurous, so I loaded up to the songs to check them out. They kind of blew in and out...initially not leaving much of an impression. Still, I stuck with it, giving the songs an occasional spin here and there. I found that with repeated listens, I started to enjoy it more an more, and before too long, I knew that I was going to need the vinyl.

There was a copy on blue vinyl available through Discogs for a while, and I had my eye on it. A copy had never sold on Discogs, so I figured that I might be able to wait it out, and see if a cheaper copy would come along there or on eBay. My resolve lasted about a month before I broke down. I just wanted the record, damn it, and with my need for instant gratification, I could only be expected to wait so long. Price be damned, I was buying it.


mcs said...

Dude! Loved this band. I have to say, I always found this their weakest record. I really liked the first 12" on Conversion (no color vinyl exists though unfortunately) and their full length, which was CD only, was by far their high point. Played the shit out of that one in 2001 on my minidisc player, haha!

Mike said...

Too funny, Marcus, because this is the only record that I'm familiar with from them. I'm really liking it, so I'm obviously going to have to check out the others...even if this one is the best one to own because of the colored vinyl.

chris said...

I've listened to this several times but I never really got into them. Maybe I need to give it another listen since it's been ten years since I've done this.