Sunday, December 15, 2019

Haunting Of Seven Sisters

Haunt have been very productive since coming onto the metal scene. They released their debut EP, Luminous Eyes in 2017, and then followed it up with a new album, Burst Into Flame, in 2018...and when they released two more records in 2019, I was feeling overwhelmed with the number of Haunt releases, and I just ignored both of them. However, when I saw they released a couple of split 7 inches this year as well, I figured that I'd jump on at least of them.

Haunt play a traditional metal style, and while I might have been burned out on the band, this song is so good that it makes me wonder if I made a mistake in ignoring their two records that they released this year. Damn it. Now I'm going to have to go check them out.

The main reason that I picked up this split 7 inch was to check out the Seven Sisters song. I didn't really spend much time with their album from 2018, and I never even grabbed it on vinyl, but I was still very interested to hear what they had to offer on this split with Haunt. This is such a fun split 7 inch, that I'm not regretting no picking up the split that Haunt did with Fortress as well.

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