Monday, December 16, 2019

It's A Long Way From The UK

I love meeting up with my old blogging buddies from the UK, and when they are available I'll make every effort to get together in Boston for the day. I was able to catch up with Sandwell back in October, and I was very happy for the opportunity to meet with Marcus and Anna when they made a quick stop in Boston while on their way to Florida. Even if we didn't really care for each other, we still made the excuse to hang out so we could trade some records that we'd had shipped to the other so we could save a few dollars on overseas shipping.

I few days before Marcus checked in to see if I wanted to have any records mailed to him that he could bring over with him, I'd just discovered a pressing of AC/DC's High Voltage album with the cover art that was unique to the UK. I was in love with how this cover looked, and as soon as he made the suggestion for me to ship stuff to him, I was on Discogs and ordering the record from a UK seller. This thing is as beautiful as I'd hoped it would.

I've made some good progress with my AC/DC collection this year, and next to the Dirty Deeds Aussie pressing, this UK pressing of High Voltage is one of my favorite additions.

It was a fun day driving down to Boston with my wife to meet up with Marcus and Anna for some pizza and pastries, and then we got down with a little wife swap back at the swap...I meant record swap.

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mcs said...

Great write up of a good day.

The best bit was the wife swap.