Friday, December 20, 2019

Era Of Magnitude

Magnitude closed out the Saturday matinee show for the America's Hardcore fest in Boston a couple weeks ago. While I really enjoyed their album that Triple B released this year, I wasn't too familiar with the songs yet, so I figured that I'd just hang out and chill at the back of the crowd for their set. Halfway through the first song, I couldn't contain myself and I was sprinting across the dance floor and climbing on backs to get to the front of the stage. Fuck. Magnitude were bringing it live and their excitement was contagious. While their album is undoubtedly going to make it high into my Top 10 list for the year, their live set pushed my appreciation of them to a new level.

While I love the band's new album, I hadn't bothered to check out the 7 inch they released a couple years ago. Like I said in my Anxious post, I really wanted to show some support to all the bands that traveled long distances to play the AHC fest, and when I saw that the band had copies of the 7 inch for sale at their merch table, I gladly handed over my $5 for one of them.

Unfortunately, like the Anxious record, Magnitude were only selling the common black vinyl copies at the show. Damn it, having only the black vinyl really makes me want to chase more pressings of this and get all the colored vinyl options.

Magnitude definitely have a 90's straight edge sound, and the layout for this 7 inch follows that theme. Love that sound and style!


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