Saturday, December 21, 2019

New Age Restraining Order

Like Magnitude, I didn't pay much attention when Restraining Order released their first 7 inch. It wasn't until both bands released full length albums on Triple B this year that I actually tuned in to what was going on. Seeing both bands at the AHC fest a couple weeks back gave me the opportunity to pick up those 7 inches directly from both bands.

Restraining Order were a blast to see live. The singer was a ball of energy and you couldn't help but get pulled into the excitement. I really hope they come back to play Boston soon so that I can catch them again.

Thankfully Restraining Order had some colored vinyl available at the merch table. Second pressing on blue and limited to 500.

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mcs said...

Love this band. The blue looks pretty rad. I'll have to try to get one...