Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Slough Feg 7 inch

It has been four long years since the last Slough Feg album, and my introduction to the band. It was cool to discover them at the time, and dig through some of the eight albums they had released prior to Digital Resistance. The band plays some pretty fucking cool traditional metal, with their own unique sound, so it was exciting news to discover that they band was releasing a new single in 2018.

I believe that Slough Feg are recording a new LP, and this single is just a teaser of what is to come...and if that is the case, I'm excited to hear what they deliver in 2019, because this New Organon song is excellent...just Slough Feg being Slough Feg.

The b-side cover song from The Police is kind of cool, but really, I just want more Slough Feg songs.

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