Sunday, December 09, 2018

None More Orange

I loved Kid Dynamite in the late 90's, and when the singer started a new band, and None More Black released their first album, File Under Black, in 2003, I quickly grabbed the CD. I enjoyed it at the time, and gave it the occasional spin, but when I dusted it off earlier this year to revisit it, that's when it really hooked me.

I hadn't thought about this album for years, but suddenly, I could not stop listening to it. This album was so damn infectious, I needed to add this to the record collection...and since I was loving it so much, I wanted the limited color vinyl pressing. The problem is that this was released on Fat Wreck, and trying to collect colored vinyl from that label is a serious challenge. My first stop at Discogs showed that not a single copy was available, so I put in on my Want List, and waited for someone to post one for sale. Thankfully, my patience paid off, and eventually a seller listed one...and at a great I quickly bought it.

218 pressed on orange vinyl.

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