Sunday, December 16, 2018

Revolution Sunstroke

2018 was shaping up to be a good year for hardcore records, and surprisingly, I found myself in an adventurous mood and looking to check out something new. Someone that I follow on Instagram posted a picture of a record for a band named Sunstroke, calling it a record of the year contender, so I decided to follow up and check it out.

Comparisons were being made about the Sunstroke record having that Revolution Summer sound, and I guess that is valid, but to my ears, it reminds me more of those early to mid-90's years...when hardcore bands seemed to be following their own path and making their own sounds.

There have been a few bands that are a bit off my beaten path, but all falling into that similar style, that have popped up on my radar recently. Future Waves haven't seen a vinyl release, and the Moonkisser 12 inch sold out before I even knew it existed, so I was happy to grab a physical copy of this new Sunstroke record. One out of three...for now.

88 pressed on gold vinyl.

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chris said...

Definitely top 5 of the year!!!