Saturday, December 29, 2018

Used Future

I've got time to get in one final new release from 2018, before I get ready to close things out with my End Of The Year post.

At one time I really liked The Sword, but when they released their High Country album back in 2015, I kind of soured on them. The album seemed to mark a change of direction from the band, moving away from their doom metal sound, and I resisted it, and refused to give it a chance. Fuck that maturing bullshit. I wanted them to stay the same.

Given how resistant I was to the last record, I'm not sure what made me download a copy of their new album, Used Future. I gave the songs a listen, and surprisingly, I didn't want to just delete it from my iPod. I hung on to it, and occasionally would give it a spin, and it slowly grew on me. Sure this isn't a doomy as their first few records, but man, these are some chill tunes.

I love the look of this cover art, and the red vinyl is a nice touch.

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