Thursday, January 30, 2020

Armageddon Seven Inches Pt. 8 - Social Circkle

This is the final post for my Armageddon Shop haul. I don't expect much when I shop there, but this trip ended up being a pretty good haul.

I first heard Social Circkle back in 2012, and I thought for sure that I'd picked up at least one of their records along the way. I remember really liking them at the time, and I was certain that I'd grabbed either their City Shock album or the Static Eyes EP back then. I saw a couple of their 7 inches at Armageddon that I wasn't familiar with, and I scooped them up. I got home and when I went to check the other Social Circkle records in my collection, and was kind of surprised to find that I didn't own any. Wow. I guess I just thought about buying them years ago, but never actually pulled the trigger.

Social Circkle were out of Boston, so maybe that explains why Armaggedon had some of their limited colored vinyl in stock, and I wasn't stuck with only the black vinyl.

Red vinyl is limited to 150.

I am really loving these two Social Circkle records. I'd totally forgotten how much fun this band is, and I only wish that I'd heard them before they broke up. I bet they were a blast live.

Listening to these records now really makes me want to go out and buy the ones that I thought that I already owned.

Another Social Circkle score from Armageddon. This time it is the record release pressing on clear vinyl. Numbered out of 50.

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