Thursday, January 02, 2020

All Them Rules

There was a stretch in 2019 when I was falling in love with just about any new hardcore band that I was checking out. So when I was picking up the new Sunstroke record, I decided to check out what else the label had for sale. I'd never even heard of the New Morality Zine label, but given that they were releasing the new Sunstroke, I figured that I'd check to see what their back catalog had to offer.

The artwork for the front cover of the Rule Them All 12 inch did absolutely nothing to sell me on the band, but once I dug into the description for the band, and saw that it mentioned they took the sound of Silent Majority and blended it with Revolution Summer emo, I knew that I had to check them out. I fucking love Silent Majority, so a name drop like that certainly gets my attention.

While An Alignment Of Polarity was released back in 2018, I'm still counting this as another win in discovering new hardcore bands. I don't know how accurate the Silent Majority/Revolution Summer description is, but I am loving this record.

300 pressed on black vinyl. Cool zine style booklet is included as an insert with lyrics and writings for each song. Very cool.

As I was digging in and finding out more about Rule Them All, I discovered that preorders were up for the band's new 7 inch on Flatspot Records. Given how much I was digging the 12 inch, I didn't hesitate to get an order in for the new record.

Fuck. This is a great record. After really sitting down with these songs today, it makes me wonder how I can fit the record into my Top 10 for 2019.

Blue and yellow colored vinyl is limited to 100.

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