Sunday, January 20, 2019

To Live In Discontent

I'm still pounding my way through the backlog of records for this blog. Shit got out of control during the last half of 2018, and I got lazy when it came to staying on top of my posts. Now I'm trying to get caught up, and I still have a long way to go. Here is another one that I picked up last August.

At one point last year, I got hooked into some early 2000 punk records. I got pretty excited when I grabbed the first None More Black record, File Under Black, on colored vinyl, and it got me interested in chasing some other stuff that I loved during those years.

I was a huge fan of Inquisition in the late 90's, and when they broke up, and then the singer started up Strike Anywhere, I lost my shit all over that first album. I only had the CD for Chorus Of One at the time, and it got plenty of repeat spins. Digging back into those albums that I was into at that time, I was reminded how much I loved this record, I knew that I had get my hands on a vinyl copy.

Goddamn, this album is still as vibrant an urgent as it was back in 2000. I was only familiar with the green cover that was used on the CD, so seeing the red cover had me excited to see something "new". There were 550 pressed on both red and grey vinyl, but the red pressing is really the only way to go here. Man, this thing looks so good. Very happy to finally have a copy.

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