Monday, January 14, 2019

Fight For '75

I love Thin Lizzy, and everything from Nightlife through Thunder And Lightning is always in constant rotation in my daily playlists. This band does it for me, and I want to pick up all their stuff on the original UK Vertigo pressing with the UFO labels. Despite being one of my favorite 70's bands, I've made terrible progress in working towards my goal. The records don't command the kind of prices that you'd see for Black Sabbath UK Vertigo pressings, or what I've had to face for original Albert pressings for AC/DC, so it is pretty pathetic that I'd only bought one Thin Lizzy album...and that was over four fucking years ago.

Going through my 1975 playlist, pushed me to finally make another move.

Fighting is my favorite Thin Lizzy album, and one of my favorite records for all of 1975...taking second place under Sabbath's Sabotage album, so it feels great to finally add this one to the collection. Every song on here is a killer.

Other than the library sticker in the corner, this thing is in amazing condition. Such a classic.

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