Friday, January 04, 2019

Bob Dylan's 115th Dream

I recently watched the Beatles documentary, Eight Days A Week. While those early years, aren't my favorite period of The Beatles, I still enjoy it, and after watching the documentary, I decided to throw their Help album into my playlist, along with some stuff from that time period like Out Of Our Heads by The Rolling Stones, the first records from Cream and Jethro Tull, and on a whim, I threw Dylan's Bringing It All Back Home into the mix.

I expected to sit with those albums for a day, and then get back to my early 80's metal obsession, but those albums hooked me, and I listened to them everyday for a week. I could not get enough.

One of the biggest surprises for me was how deeply I got into that Bob Dylan album. Holy fuck. I like some of the Dylan stuff, but man, for some reason, this was hitting my sweet spot for 60's rock, and it was the first thing that I would spin each day. I can't explain it, but damn it, I was obviously going to need the vinyl for it.

I started to do some research on which pressing might have the best sound, and the audiophile forums seemed to be pointing to the original "two eye" pressings...which has the Columbia Records logo on each side of the label...and I made a couple half assed attempts to pick one up for cheap on eBay, but struck out. That following week, I had time off from work, and a friend and I were going to drive up the coast to check out a record store that he used to go to as a kid, 30 years ago. It was in a pretty small town, and I didn't have very high expectations, but somehow I still managed to walk out of there dropping over $50 on records. When I saw Bringing It All Back Home, and on the stereo "two eye" pressing, I figured that things were falling into place nicely, and I grabbed it.

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Willem RWHAF said...

I have become a huge Dylan listener over the past few years. Have 7 albums of him. Highway 61 Revisited might be my favorite. You should really check out the "Real Royal Albert Hall Concert" double live album, so great! "The Freewheelin Bob Dylan" was my introduction to him work when I was in high school. I have only started appreciating him more and more over the years. I am moving my blog to Wordpress by the way...