Saturday, November 01, 2014

Pocket Hurts

These days, it seems like I'm continually playing catch-up with Chris over at Unwavering Spirit. I'll see him post about a new record, and then about a month later, I will have worked through my vinyl backlog, and finally get it up over here. It seems to happen quite a bit lately, and here we are with a post on the new Soulside reissue from Dischord, and of course it has all been done before. Either that dude needs to calm down, or I need to get my shit together and catch up on my backlog.

The reason why Dischord reissues are better than most, is evident with their latest offering of Soulside vinyl. Even though I'm trying to save the money, and stay away from needless repressings, with the label adding the three songs from the Bass/103 7 inch, and updating the cover made this release too tempting to avoid.

Honestly, I'd forgotten how much I love these Soulside songs until I dropped the needle on this vinyl. I bought this reissue because "it just looked nice", but this ended up as a nice reminder as to how great the band was. If I'd received this kind of wake up call a few months ago, I may have made an attempt to make a trip to DC to catch the band play a reunion show with Moss Icon in December. Man, that show is going to rule.

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