Monday, October 27, 2014

Into Another Repress Round From REV

I gave up on the Revelation repress game a while ago. Shit got out of hand, and took something that once was fun, and turned it into a bank breaking chore. I don't mind collection ridiculous amounts of vinyl for some bands, but when you try and do it for every band, lines start getting drawn in the sand. Hey REV, when die hards like Marcus start to struggle justifying it, it might be time to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

I'd never purchased the Ignaurus LP from Into Another, so I was okay with the label repressing this one. I already own three different pressings of the self titled debut, so I didn't feel the need to grab the newest pressing for that one, but Ignaurus...yeah okay, it's not like I was going to bother chasing down an original pressing any time soon.

While this album was originally released in 1994, it took me until last year to finally check it out. Yeah, I was late to the Into Another party. I hated them when I first heard them in the early 90's, but time has been good to them, and I find that I'm digging them more and more these days..

Four dudes in a bed. Hawt.

Yawn. Another pressing of the Inside Out 7 inch...this time on green vinyl. Just one of the bands that I feel compelled to keep buying from REV.

While picking up these reissues, I spotted the On Point 7 inch. I'd downloaded this demo a few years ago, and seeing the vinyl available from REV for $2.00, I figured that I'd go nuts and buy a copy. This is surprisingly very good, and well worth the price of admission.

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