Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Safe And Sound In The Tides

When I picked up the Winds Of Change compilation earlier this year, one of the biggest surprises for me was Safe And Sound. Man, that song jumps off the vinyl at you, and really sets the tone for a great comp.

I was really looking forward to hearing more from the band, and when Life To Live put up the preorders, I grabbed the three different pressings. While I couldn't resist one of each of the regular pressings, I did manage to show some restraint, and I passed on buying the test press. Life To Live seem to make a few of these available to buy when their preorders go up. I think it is a very cool option, and if I had the money to throw around like Chris, I might have grabbed one too.

This is a pretty solid Hardcore record and shows some promise. Hey, when you've got Aram from Betrayed singing on one of your songs, you know that you've got something going on.

150 pressed on blue splatter vinyl for preorders. 200 pressed on blue. 300 pressed on black vinyl.

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