Thursday, October 02, 2014

Venom Double Live

Continuing, the record shopping spree, Jeff and I head up the street towards a small hole in the wall used vinyl store called Strange Maine. On our way, we were met on the sidewalk with a sign advertising "vintage vinyl". The store was called Moody Lords, and there was all kinds of vintage clothing in the windows...I didn't have very high expectations, but as soon as we walked in and I saw that they had a vinyl section just for Metal, things started looking up.

One of the first things that I pulled from the rack was this Venom live double LP. It was still sealed, so I knew that I wasn't going to find one in better only question was, did I want to spring for this US pressing, or did I want to wait and get the original UK pressing from Neat? This US pressing has a completely different cover than the original pressing, so what the hell? What's wrong with getting both of them?

I originally bought this as a double cassette with the Neat label around '86...then a year or so later, I grabbed the US pressing of the CD. Feels good to finally have this on vinyl. Classic.


Doug W said...

I'm happy to say I now own your old cassette copy!
I would have held out for the Neat version, but trying to find one without ring wear is impossible.
Good score.

Mike said...

That cassette couldn't have found a better home, Doug.