Saturday, November 22, 2014

25 Years: Time Flies

I once heard it proclaimed that Start Today was Age Of Quarrel for girls. Hey, I'm not looking down on the Cro-Mags at all, but for me, I go with Gorilla Biscuits every damn day. Guess I'm not that hard.

While I first heard Start Today back around 1990, and fell in love with it immediately, I've never owned a copy on vinyl. I've always been intimidated with trying to track down and drop the cash for those old REV titles, and Start Today was no exception.

With the album celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year, and REV reissuing it on vinyl, it seemed like the time was finally right for me to grab a copy. I immediately picked up the glow in the dark vinyl pressing when it was available, but REV has warned us that this pressing tends to have a lot of surface noise, so I'm obviously going to need to buy a different pressing at some point.

Embossed cover, glow in the dark vinyl, and the GB logo printed on the inner cover.

Actually, with the way the REV reissue machine has been rolling, I'm kind of surprised that it has taken them so long to finally repress the Start Today LP. However, now that we have seen this one, we can probably expect to see another colored vinyl press in about 6 months.

Pictures of glow in the dark vinyl always look like shit, but here you go anyway.

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