Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Still Trippin'

Last March I started heavily listening to Bad Trip. I also began to routinely search for their vinyl on eBay, and I scored two different pressings of the Positively Bad 7 inch. Still, I kept coming up short on both the Fear And Loathing and Buzzy LPs. Six months later, I'm still listening to this band like crazy, and I'm happy that I've finally added one of their LPs to my collection.

While I assumed that Wreck Age had pressed the Fear And Loathing LP on colored vinyl, I'd never actually seen one, so I couldn't be sure. Discogs showed that there was a yellow vinyl pressing of Buzzy, but there wasn't any info listed on colored vinyl for their first LP. Thankfully, Marcus spotted one on eBay, and pointed it out to me. With one other bidder, I managed to grab it for fairly cheap at $12.00.

Grey marbled vinyl. I'm not sure how many pieces of colored vinyl Wreck Age typically pressed...500???


Dan Emery said...

That song 'Something More' is so good

Anonymous said...

i had a copy of the buzzy lp on orange if that helps you.