Monday, August 27, 2012

REACT!: Stranger and Stronger

REACT! is well known for releasing some of today's best Straight Edge Hardcore records. Every once in a while, however, they will step away from the formula. While these oddities are usually not my favorite releases, I imagine that their latest will leave a lot of kids scratching their heads in confusion.

When REACT! posted a preview track for the new Tranzmitors 7 inch, I checked it out and liked what I heard. I enjoy listening to The Adicts every once in a while, and this song had some serious Adicts influence.

200 on clear blue vinyl.

When the record arrived, I couldn't wait to work it into my regular daily playlists. Unfortunately, not one of my three copies came with a download code. I thought this was strange, as all previous REACT! releases have come with a digital download, so I sent them an email to see if they could hook me up. My email went unanswered. Disappointing, but I wasn't going to dwell on it, so I ripped the mp3s myself.

300 on solid blue vinyl.

While one side still reminds me of The Adicts, the song on the B side is a bit slower, and has more of a 50's feel to it. While it really didn't impress me, and doesn't inspire me to search out any other Tranzmitors records, I still find that I spin this 7 inch every few days.

500 pressed on black.

Getting back to basics, REACT! also give us the debut 7 inch from Growing Stronger. This is more like it! Angry Straight Edge Hardcore that rips through 6 songs in a little over 6 minutes. Upon first listen, I kind of breezed through it and didn't think too much more about it, but with each listen I like this more and more. This is a definite sleeper. Don't ignore it.

200 on gold vinyl.

Man, I hope that this band keeps going. I want to hear what they do next.

300 pressed on red.

500 on black vinyl.

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