Monday, August 13, 2012

Finally Showing Some Restraint

Sure there is a huge thrill in obtaining that rare piece of vinyl, but often times there is a cost to be paid for that. If you want to spend the money, it can be yours. Sometimes, what I find more exciting is finding that piece of vinyl from a band that you know not many people will care about.

Does anyone care about Flagman's 7 inch from 1993? Apparently there was one other guy that was interested in this band when I was bidding on this piece of vinyl on eBay...but even he didn't care too much, as I outbid him by 25 cents and won this for $4.25.

I remember both Flagman and Watermark Records were making some noise in the early 90's, but for one reason or another, I never picked up the Restraint 7 inch. Crazy to think that this record is 20 years old, and even though I have a strong love for Hardcore from this era, I haven't heard it until now. On days when all I want is to listen to bands from the early 90's...those bands that were just starting up when I was fully getting into Hardcore, and leaving Metal in the rear-view mirror for the next 15 years...Flagman is a perfect fit into that playlist.


Coregasm said...

Great 7". Saw them many times in the early 90's. Gapcore at it's finest.

mcs said...

I prefer their third 7", although it's the only one that doesn't come on color at all.

BTW, this one on Watermark also comes on green.