Sunday, August 05, 2012

More Rain, More Parades

Gotta keep chipping away at that Rain On The Parade collection.

I've seen the red vinyl pressing for Body Bag occasionally on eBay over the past few years, but I've just never pulled the trigger. As I'm getting closer to completing this collection, I figured that it was time to finally bag one of these...sorry for the bad pun.

After picking up the blue cover for the third pressing of Full Speed Ahead, I went to work on collecting the other colors. The green cover has the yellow vinyl with the My War stamp.

I believe that the red cover is the most limited one from this vinyl and hand numbered out of 100. Then again, I've never seen the yellow cover for this one, so maybe that one is more limited.

I think that the only thing I'm missing now is the Redcheeks Pressing, the Rain Crew cover, and the yellow cover for Full Speed Ahead. Finding these will be no small feat. Oh yeah, I don't own a single copy of the Fired Up 7 inch.

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Anonymous said...

I used to have a bunch of copies but I traded like 5 more rare copies for a FP LP on white.
I did keep one copy of each single.
Great band but somehow I rarely listen to them.

btw check out discogs, some okay priced ROTP singles are for sale. Starting as low as 2 bucks:

Body Bag sadly only on cd:

Only Fired Up is a bit more expensive: