Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Celebrating Summer

I know that I shouldn't have tried for this record after spending so much on that Fire & Ice test press, but damn, spending money makes me feel good, so I went for it.

Last year, Mindset jumped into the Record Store Day game, and made up a limited cover for their Time and Pressure 7 inch. It was an awesome idea to help bring business in to their local record store, Celebrated Summer, and Mindset did a great job ripping off the Funhouse pressing of Youth of Today's WNITA album.

Great cause. Great design. Great band. I wanted one. The only problem was that you could only buy them from the Celebrated Summer record store which is located about 9 hours away. Too far for my day out on Record Store Day. Thus, I had to bide my time and pay 10 times the original selling price on ebay.

Stamped inner sleeve, and hand numbered out of 40.


mcs said...

Great score! I've watched this close out on eBay a couple of times, but it went for more than I wanted to pay. But damn, a great looking record for sure.

Across Your Face said...

You've been posting some heavy hitters lately!

Mike said...

Get ready for some cheap, bargin bin records to follow! ha!

geoff said...

its the bargain bin records that i love the most. especially those early 90's ones.