Tuesday, August 14, 2012

411 Feeds The Fire

When Tre, from Deathwish, puts records up on eBay, chances are that he will have something in there that I'm going to want. When I saw he had a few different pressings of the 411 Say It 7 inch, I decided to take a run at all three of them.

I was hoping to win them for cheap, so I bid low. In the end, the only one that I ended up winning from him was the "pink" copy he had listed. This was the one that interested me the most. I had bought a copy in the early 90's that was a solid red vinyl, with some white swirled in, and yet the "pink" copy that Tre had listed appeared to be a clear red. I was intrigued and had my heart set on winning it so that I could see the difference for myself.

Yup, two different pressings. With the different Headhunter logo on the back cover, I'm assuming that the clear red one is a later pressing.

I missed out on both the grey and black vinyl from Tre, but now that I had the pink one on the way, I really wanted one of the other ones. Luckily, there was another seller on eBay that had the grey vinyl available, and I was able to grab it for cheap.


NicoRevealed said...

Never knew there was a clear red copy out there or even a pinkish red copy. I only had a red as red can be copy and I still own my white copy.

coregasm said...

Interesting. I own this on grey and I know of the red pressing but had no idea about a "clear red" or a pink. Headhunter was pressed/distributed by Cargo so there's probably no info on pressing, right?

mcs said...

I was tempted to bid on Tre's 411 7"s to, but didn't. Kinda wish I had now though!