Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Haunting Gasp

I wasn't paying attention when Triple B released the Final Gasp 12 inch over this past summer. The label had released a string of a few records that I just wasn't feeling, so I didn't even bother with this one. Doug set me straight though, and after he reached out to recommend them, I jumped on Spotify to see what he was going on about.
Final Gasp have some serious Samhain worship going on. Hell, even the photos from the lyric sheet insert show the band performing live covered in blood. The music and image are spot on and this 16 minute EP is like finding some lost songs from the November-Coming-Fire recording session. I'm not a giant Samhain fan, but this record leaves me impressed.
I avoided the more limited splatter pressing and instead when with the purple and red swirl. 350 pressed.

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