Friday, December 09, 2016

Nantucket Sleighride

Filling the day with record shopping, after the fair was was cancelled, I wanted to make sure that one of the stops was Moody Lords in Portland. This store can be hit or miss with their Rock and Metal sections, but today was a definite hit. I'm going to break my shopping spree down to separate posts, because they all deserve an individual spotlight.

I spent some time this year with my playlists heavily leaning on those albums from the early 70's. The first Mountain album, Climbing got a fair bit of play, and I added it to my collection over the summer. Seeing their follow up from 1971, Nantucket Sleighride, in the bins for under $10 was an easy pick up.

Over the years, I've been up and down as to if I even enjoyed Mountain. I like 'em, I don't like 'em...oh wait, I like 'em. Their albums aren't straight up rippers from start to finish, and it has taken me some time to get my head around them, and appreciate all the textures and layers they have to offer. I get it now. Great stuff.

I've always loved the cover art for these Mountain records. It just seems like a lot of thought and care went into the design of this thing. In addition to the booklet insert, one of the big draws for me to pick up this copy of the record was the two additional photos that were included. I'm fairly sure that these weren't a part of the regular packaging, so it was a cool bonus.

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