Friday, August 22, 2014

Collecting Du$t

Like it or not, this blog captures everything that I'm buying, and it is an honest representation of where my head is at. I know that I've been sidetracked with a bunch of metal/rock vinyl lately, and I haven't paid very much attention to hardcore. I've got a lot more metal vinyl queued up to post here, but for now lets take a break with some Angel Du$t.

I absolutely loved the Angel Du$t 7 inch last year. Manic and snotty, with a rumble of pop punk running underneath it all. I was really looking forward to the LP this year, and hit up orders with React! and Reaper to make sure I grabbed every pressing available.

400 pressed on white vinyl that was only available through React!.

When the vinyl finally arrived, I had a good feeling about the album. The layout and design looked could this record not be totally fucking cool? I slapped it onto the turntable and dropped the needle expecting big things. The first spin left me rather underwhelmed. That's need to took me a little while to get into the 7 inch, so maybe I just need to give it repeated listens. Two spins, three, there are some really great songs on here, but there are also a handful that fall really flat for me. Overall, I'm disappointed. We'll see if it holds up over the next month or so, but right now, it just makes me want to go back to listening to metal.

400 on clear vinyl that was exclusive to Reaper.

800 pressed on black vinyl. There was another 150 that were pressed on pink vinyl that Angel Du$t sold on tour. Pink is obviously the best color to own for this record, but I don't know if I really want to track one down at this point.


mcs said...

Let me tell you my story...

Bought everything React! put out, up to a point. Lost interest. Completely stopped buying React! releases.

Decided to check out the batch of releases that came out a year or so ago. WarXGames, Caught In A Crowd and Angel Du$t. Liked CIAC, wasn't keen on WarXGames, and thought Angel Du$t was one of the worst things I had ever heard.

Nearly a month ago I saw Judge play. At the end of the night I was given a flyer for a show the following week, being Turnstile & Angel Du$t. Decided to download the Angel Du$t new LP to check out before the show.

Got addicted to the Angel Du$t LP and couldn't stop playing it. Played it like 4 times a day before the show, to the point where I probably knew the songs better than anyone else at the show. Wanted to go down the front and sing along, but felt too old so stood back.

Still can't stop playing the album. Know all the words. Got a clear one coming, badlty want a white one, would give my left arm for a pink.

Best record of the year for me at this point.

Willem RWHAF said...

Cool to read your stories...

I'm surprised about yours mcs!

The metalhead Mike's becoming didn't surpise me. And yes, it has a 'manic' side, I agree.

Mark-Sandwell said...

I thought they sucked when i first heard them but after downloading and then buying the lp my opinion has changed. Not quite as rabid as Marcus about it but I'm down with the album. Need to get the 7" now.