Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Hate And Redemption

While shopping in the Grave Mistake webstore, I found myself on a bit of a shopper's high, and just started adding things to my cart. In addition to the Written Off record, there was another 7 inch that I'd put off buying for far too long, and took the opportunity to rectify the situation.

The Hounds Of Hate LP was one of my biggest surprises from last year. Man, that thing is so hardcore. Such a great early Sick Of It All/Killing Time/NYHC sound.

The No Redemption 7 inch isn't nearly as good as the LP, but it still shows hints of the brilliance that is to come. If things just keep getting better with this band, the new album this year is going to be killer.

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chris said...

These dudes are amazing. Have you checked out the new lp available on their bandcamp? Free Download which is cool but no news on vinyl release.