Friday, November 25, 2022

Ace Of Whitespades

When I first discovered Midnight 10 years ago, I immediately loved that Venom-worship thing that they were doing. While the foundation of Midnight's sound has stayed consistent, they seem to have come out from that Venom shadow and have become their own thing. Still, the man behind the band, Athenar, wears his influences on his sleeve, and when he wanted to do some songs in the vein of Motorhead, he pulled together Whitespade to deliver that sound.
Whitespade is designed to be a straight up tribute to those Bronze-era Motorhead records. Musically, I think they come close to hitting the mark as the guitar and rhythm section drive each song forward at a pace very similar to what Motorhead was doing, but vocally Athenar has too much in common with Cronos/Venom to be confused with Lemmy.
All three members from Motorhead's classic period have passed away, and the 10 songs on this Whitespade album pays honor to those legends. This record keeps their spirit alive.
While not in the realm of the greats like Bomber or Ace Of Spades, this Whitespade album still delivers the goods.

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