Thursday, October 31, 2019

Cut Loose

While I've been recently obsessing over some newer hardcore records, I'm still not playing the game of buying multiple copies...yet, for some reason it has triggered me to buy different pressings for some older records that I already own. Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in.

I mentioned that I've been obsessed with newer hardcore bands, but that basically spans the last 15 years, as I still consider stuff from back to 2005 as "new". I guess that with the tidal wave of new bands and records since I've starting doing this blog, very few records get overplayed, so it all still feels fresh...either that or time is stuck at some kind of weird double speed, and it is all just going too fast.

When I came across the Risky Business demo 7 inch in my playlist, it still gave me a shot of excitement to revisit it. This record is just a blast to spin, and I immediately hit up Discogs to see what was available.

White vinyl with the silver cover is limited to 100, and was well worth the $3 price tag.

Adding a third copy of this record to the collection has me itching to pick up the last few that I still need. I've added them to my Discogs want list, and now we play the waiting game.

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